8 Facts About Louna

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jeudi, mars 06, 2008

Deye just tagged Louna to reveal 8 facts about her. I think these two girls know each other pretty well, not physically, but through their respective blogs. But we will nevertheless join the fun. Here we go:

1. She slept through the night at 3 weeks old. Mellow and easy. She would then wake up with an angel smile.

2. She was never a cry-baby. She would throw tantrums every now and then but not the typical toddler who would cry out loud, kicking and biting all people around him, throwing toys at his parents and all those full action drama. She's the kind who would sulk for minutes. If you try to approach her, she would suddenly turn limp voluntarily and we end up finding our daughter lying on the floor. Not a sound. Not a look. Her I-dont-exist attitude. Then, after several minutes and after saying us sorry to her, and her sorry to us, everything goes back to normal. She only cries when she's being scolded and she knows that she did something bad.

3. She started walking with her toy stroller and finally got rid of it at 14 months old.

4. She could manage to eat on her own at 16 old.

5. She was weaned from the bottle at 22 months old without the fuss. She wanted to be like adults around her too early in life.

6. She said goodbye to daytime diapers at 23 months old.

7. With the powerful spell of Nefertiti, the most beautiful queen of Egypt, we went and came back from vacation with the same number of diapers. Yes, she said goodbye to night-time diapers at 27 months. After all, to be beautiful, she has to be diaper-free.

8. Some people around me starts to think that she's a late talker and that starts to annoy me, and more so, stress me out. So allow me a minute of venting please.

I've always believe that each kid follows his own curve of developmental milestone. A kid could be slower in some things than his peers and faster in others. To each his own timeline, no fixed schedule. Louna met her pediatrician a month ago. He asked several questions and she correctly answered them. His pediatrician has not expressed any concerns about her speech development and even thought that she's in the normal range.

Ok, alright. It's true that she's not really making a lot of effort to form sentences. She has her own way of communicating and most of it is physical. If she wants something, she would normally do it on her own (like taking her own yoghurt from the fridge and taking a spoon from the drawer, or even doing her potty alone). If she can't do it alone, she would try to explain it, and in case I don't understand her, she'll take my hand to show me exactly what she wants. So why bother? She could make herself understood anyway.

My assessment of her situation is that we never baby-talked to her and she's raised in a bilingual environment. She probably needs more time to be able to form conversational speech. I think that she's just much more laid back in this aspect than others and as a result will do it on her own time.

Louna talks. We just don't understand everything she says. I think that both parties need to add a little effort to make conversations more comprehensible. Albert Einstein started talking at 4 years old. Who knows, we might be raising a super-bright mathematician or a scientist.

And here's for the sweetest smile tag.

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Linnoe a dit…

Once she starts talking, she'll never want to stop. Savor the silent moments while you can.

IMO, Louna is growing up perfectly fine. ;)

Linnor a dit…

Eep, misspelled my name on my previous comment...

ScroochChronicles a dit…

On the contrary, she is an early developer (tama ba yun?). She has managed to do some things that most kids do at a later age. Way to go!! Besides, speech isn't the only measure of development. Way to go Louna!

gail a dit…

aww super nice naman yung smile, napapa smile din ako.

tama, to each is own (tama ba term). as long as Louna can express her self well whether in words or action that's fine!

Christianne a dit…

Love that sweet smile!!!

I know what it feels when people start questioning your child's development, pati yung mga tanong na "she's not sleeping in her own room yet?". I feel stressed too when I read about babies sleeping through the night at an early age - Annika's 2 years old and the longest she sleeps is 6 hours, but I try not to worry too much.

And I agree, Louna doesn't feel the need to talk naman kasi she can do most things on her own!

Mitch a dit…

Iba iba naman kasi ang development ng bata. Tulad ni Deye ko, advance sya when it comes to communication pero naman nakadepende pa din sa feeding btl at diaper nya.

Christianne a dit…

By the way you've been tagged :) http://bochie.livejournal.com/

Analyse a dit…

thanks mommies, i knew i could count on you hehe..

lovelyn a dit…

Louna's fine. My eldest was four when we understood half of what he's saying. Now that he is 6 y/o, sometimes you'll wish he'd shut his mouth(lol)

geri a dit…

I'm glad I didn't read about Louna sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old during our sleep deprived period haha

In many, many ways Louna is advanced, the talking will just come and take you all by surprise. Then you will wish she will keep quiet - yan ang sabi ng officemate ko when her son started really talking at 2 1/2 years old, ngayon daw he has a comment for everything.

MegaMom a dit…

Tu vas bien, Louna! Tres, tres bien! Your mom just worries too much. :)