Les Parents Indignes

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jeudi, décembre 21, 2006

Much as we wanted to be good ideal parents, circumstances sometimes just keep us from being one. Personal and professional life, though separate, are somehow associated. One affects the other.

Last week, Louna suffered from otitis and brochitis topped with a 39°C fever. As a result, she wasn't able to get her Hepa A and Typhoid fever vaccins which were her preventive medications for her coming visit to the Philippines. At this same time, Laurent had to go to Boston and Moi had to spend two days in Paris. Wrong timing.

The solution: Louna had to spend two nights at her nanny's place and Nanny had to organize with the physical therapist for Louna's much needed respiratory massage. Good thing we have a super nanny!!

Changes changes.

Changes abound a-plenty. Her favorite game right now is to put two things together. She could close her bottle alone. She could assemble little parts of her Lego toys. She could put back her ointment back in its box.

Sorry for this poor lighting condition, Papa will surely do something about it next year.

She could take tiny little steps alone. All she need is a little push from Maman and Papa and a little courage, will power and motivation from her. That's a lot from a 13 months old! She could however maneover her baby stroller alone, she could take sharp turns no problem.

She could also manifest her non dislike of things. She could shout as much as I do, could stamp her feet like a big girl.. and if that still doesn't work, she could lie down and cry. She's a capricious girl in the making.

I'm Sick

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lundi, décembre 11, 2006

First time to be really sick. Runny nose, persistent cough, 38.3°C temperature... I hardly slept. Look at how I am in the morning.. who would say that I'm sick? And to boast, my bad hair day won't stop me from singing my favorite song. Want to know what I'm singing? Click here.

Note: I just went to my doctor this morning and his face reminded me of a monster needle. I cried a lot just by entering in his office. This whole thing scares me.

Ooops, by the way, I'm 83 cm tall now, almost the height of a two years old!

Aiming for greater heights..

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mercredi, décembre 06, 2006

Literally! Yes, after I mastered the stairs (I can go upstairs with my eyes closed!), I finally discovered a more challenging one - the couch. Click on the video and I'll show you how I do it.

Ain't that fun? My parents are actually scratching their heads thinking how they could secure this new haven for me. In fact, I just bumped my head on the center table last night but that didn't stop me, of course.

Lately, I've been hearing queries whether I walk or not. Curious people. Well, to tell you frankly, I'm not in a hurry. My parents bought me a truck and a stroller to incite me to walk when in fact, I would prefer walking with them. I would cling on Mama's finger and off I could go. I could actually do five small steps now to my parent's delight. I could see their eyes shining every step I take. That's funny.

And Oh, by the way, have I told you that I dream of becoming a star one day? Hear me sing (ainsi font..) ..

Maligayang Kaarawan Louna!

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mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

Click on the recent shots section for more videos of Louna.

Yes, it's Louna's big today. One year! Whew, I just felt old. Her nanny prepared a chocolate cake for her so Louna could blow her first candle. That was very sweet. Thanks Tatie!

Credits: Digital Scrapbook Place
Tita Agring, thanks for inspiring my Mom. I love it!

Here are some birthday pictures with my kiddy friends.

Here's my other creation which is actually Louna's birthday present from me. My first ever scrap. Count from left to right, up to bottom and you would follow Louna's facial evolution. Have fun!

Credits: Scrapbook Flair

Mon Doudou

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samedi, octobre 28, 2006

Through good and bad times..

Credits: Digital Scrapbook Place

11 Months Déjà

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lundi, octobre 09, 2006

And now she plays hide and seek..

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And cuddles her toys.

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Louna the Explorer

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vendredi, septembre 29, 2006

Life's not running at a usual pace when you have a pre-toddler kid. Physical changes abound that it's either we keep a close watch to catch another key milestone coming or just stay near her to insure security. Crawling gave her an instant access to explore every corner of the house, especially the hidden treasures inside cabinets and drawers. Not to mention all the dirts and stuffs that she has to put in her mouth on each passage from one corner to the other. Almost all of the time, we are there to put some rules and define some limits without really depriving her of the freedom to explore around. With that, she actually mastered shaking her head even before we say NO. But she would nonetheless put the object in her mouth once we're out. Such a naughty girl.

Her new passion nowaday is to climb up and down the two-step stair that separates our living room from the rest of the house. Climbing up is not a problem. Going down is another story. At first, she would stop just before the stair, put her two hands on the middle step, push herself down then slowly transfer her hands one by one on to the last step. But her arms aren't strong enough to hold all her weight, so more often than not, I would find her head laid flat on the floor with the rest of her body still on the stairs. She would then push her body little by little till she's completely on the floor. All these fastidious efforts amuse her that she ends up laughing like a little girl not her age. She would then repeat climbing up and down till she's attracted to another activity.

This weekend, she realized that she could actually go down sitting. She would stop just before the stair, switch to sitting position which is quite dangerous because she does it at the very edge of the stair, then turn around so she could have her feet touching the middle step. She would then push her butt with the help of her feet. When she feels that she's sitting at the edge of the first step, she would slowly move down till she's sitting on the middle step. Same procedure for the next step. After such main d'oeuvre, she would look at me proudly like saying, 'I did it'.

During such time, we stay near her with a watching and approving eyes. We know that there's a risk of hurting herself but it's that way that she would learn to avoid it. Right now, she understood that she might hurt herself in climbing the stairs so she takes extra precaution herself without us teaching her how to do.

Last night, she was on her feet holding on a support while playing. I was behind her sitting, observing and waiting for cuddly moments. I then noticed that she was standing up without holding - she's standing on her own!. She's actually holding two building blocks in her two little hands and she stayed in that position for 3, 5 seconds. I guess we're in for another big adventure!

PS: The pictures were taken today, September 29. She just discovered the other stair, the more dangerous one. We better watch our guard.

PS2: Click on this link or on her photo album on the side bar to see more of her 10th month pictures.

Another New Trick at 10.5 Months

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samedi, septembre 23, 2006

Play the video to know more ...

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Yes, I can now stand up on my own. What a great discovery! I love this new exploit. Papa adjusted my bed this morning so I could walk around it without the risk of falling down.

Again this morning, Mama left me at the living room so I could watch Dora the Explorer while she's preparing Papa's favorite apple tart. I actually surprised her when I showed up at the kitchen door. You might think, why the surprise, I could crawl so I could go anywhere I want. The fact is, there's a two-step stair separating our living room and the rest of the house. I could now climb up a stair so watch out.

I started to open those cabinets too. It's just so much fun discovering those hidden treasures inside our house. I begin pointing my finger too, so when they ask me 'Where is Papa', I could point to almost everything except my Papa, hehe. Of course, I still have a lot of progress to make. I could move my head left and right to say NO. Everybody infront of me giggles when I do that. Life is great!

No Guts, No Glory

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samedi, septembre 09, 2006

Life's been rushing too fast, it's been 10 months since I let out that first cry, 10 months of intensive learning about life, 10 months of marking life's milestone.

I know, you really have to observe me closely to catch each first, my first smile, my first dose of solid foods, my first try to hold my feet, my first tooth, my first baguette, and my first ride to name a few.

Now, hold your breath, on your guard.. and catch me if you can...

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My First Merry-Go-Round

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dimanche, septembre 03, 2006

Hello there! Guess what? I just had my license to drive... a plane! Yupeee! It was my first ride in a merry-go-round and my parents were even more excited than me. At first, Mom thought that a picture of me on a merry-go-round could be fun, but I just got too overwhelmed by this big moving toy that I started to drive the wheel like a pro. I showed them that I was big enough to handle the situation so they let me in for a greater adventure, look at this:

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Hmmm, well, I guess the video's not of great quality, but I hope you realized that it was me, alone, who was there on the plane. Here's another one before take off.

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Behavior Change at 9th Month

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jeudi, août 31, 2006

I'm growing. Aside from my rapid physical development, my behaviour towards people and different circumstances equally takes its lead. I'm at present in a stage where Filipinos would say I couldn't be kidnapped anymore. Why? Because I don't trust anybody anymore, except of course from my parents and those with whom I'm regularly in contact with, like my Yaya.

Yesterday, it was my 9th month visit at my Pediatrician. At prior occasions, I was more of an observant, cheerful little girl. Yesterday, I was more of a cry baby, without the tears of course. Well, my doctor actually said I'm kind and agreable considering I just cried for a few seconds after the shot of Prevenar vaccins, it's more to tell them I don't like staying naked infront of my doctor rather than being hurt from the injection. Bye-bye time was my ultimate show. The doctor wanted to shake my hands but I quickly pulled my two hands away and threw him a 'don't touch me' look. Everybody laughed except me.

Still yesterday, Mom brought me to a boutique and bought me some trendy clothes. I just loved to be there, in between shelves full of colorful clothes. I was touching everything within my reach, as if I'm doing the shopping myself. I stop from time to time, bewildered by those people telling me how beautiful I am. I don't actually know what that means. Anyways. At the end of the shopping spree, Mom took me at a corner where a horrible man was desperately trying to make little children smile. Arriving at home, she excitedly said Papa that I just had my first portrait picture, and I was like half smiling - half crying. I'll show the picture to you next week and let me know what you think. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this photo masterpiece taken by my Mom. She thinks she's a pro.

One more thing, don't leave me in one corner deary, or else it will melt your heart to see me crying as if the whole world has abandoned me. I cannot stand staying on my own anymore, besides, if you stay with me, I'll make sure it would be fun.

I could show you how to push buttons and play music with my toys, play close - open with my hands when you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Ainsi Font and throw all my toys so you could bring them all back to me. Won't that be fun?

Oppps, and by the way, I just want to add that I know how to drive my walker now: left and right, forward and backward. Great! I could go to some forbidden corners like the shoe cabinet or the back of the computer all I want. Yipee!

And if you think you're good enough to play ballgames and cheer at the same time, think again. Come and play with me.

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PS: I just thought you might want to share my peach...

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Stats: height 77 cm, weight 10.4 kg, vaccin Prevenar.

Bonne Fête Louna

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vendredi, août 25, 2006

We were wondering what date we will celebrate her fête as Louna is not a name present in the catholic calendar till we saw this article in a newspaper. It's official, bonne fête Louna!

What's New at 9 Months Old

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mardi, août 22, 2006

Ok, I know. I've promised you more stories about me and nothing's popping out of this little chez moi. Not that nothing's going on with my 9-month-old life, it's just that I'm quite busy tagging Mama and Papa along with me and my little activities, thus keeping them far from the computer. Yep, kids as tiny as me could demand a lot of attention, you know.

Well, where do I begin? You might be interested to know that I could actually stand while holding on a support and at the same time watch Dora, my favorite explorer. My little hands and feet aren't strong enough tho to pull myself up and stand on my own. But with the help of Mama or Papa, I could grip on their hands and stand.. then try walking. Yes, that's one of my 9-month-old discovery. When helped by someone, I could even run.

Papa is quite impatient to see me crawl, but not yet. There's time for that. Mama thinks I'm not far from being capable as I could put myself on a crawling position. What I need is to dare that first move. And yes, I guess my naughty parents provoke me by putting my toys quite out of my reach. Nasty Mama and Papa.

I also started to mumble different sounds, including those syllables everybody awaits - mama and papa. During promenades, I catch all those admirative glances and remarks as I untiringly recite my new-found syllables. Mama says I love singing.

Aren't you tired reading yet? Well, because I still have a lot to say. Did you know that I start to imitate? Like Maman will show me how to put the key in my toy car, and I'll try as much as I could to do the same? But well, I never succeeded yet but Mama says it will come.

I started accompanying my parents do a tour en velo - yep, bicycles! I don't drive, I just entertain them with my songs.

I even had an extra surprise last weekend when we stopped at a playground. Yipee! They know I love staring at other kids. It's another way to learn, right?

And look at my first slide!

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Here's another naughty stuff I do to entertain my parents. You know, I could do a one-kid show!

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By the way, I have a rendez-vous with my Pediatrician next week - monthly check-up and another shot of vaccins. He might think I'm a little giant as I'm dressed with 18-month-sized clothes (81 cm) for my age.

My First Summer Vacation

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mercredi, août 16, 2006

After the scorching heat which hit France the week before our vacation, we were welcomed by the cold temperature on our two vacation destinations. Nothing more to say, let the pictures speak for themselves...

quality=high bgcolor=#000000 WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="250" NAME="slideshow"
ALIGN="center" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"

Oppps, by the way, just want to update you that I started mumbling mama and papa.. next time, i'll tell more stories, promise!

Leaving on Vacation

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vendredi, juillet 28, 2006

Louna's leaving on vacation with Maman and Papa.. so before saying see you soon.. let me update you on what I love doing at the moment:

Body Building

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Water Splashing

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More 8th Month Update

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mercredi, juillet 19, 2006

This little girl has actually 8 teeth in the making.. and look at how she moves now.

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8 Months!

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dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

Should I repeat how time flies? Me who still finds myself pregnant at times?

8 months later, life has completely changed. I can't even imagine life now without Louna...

- romantic dinner for two with the impatient look from the proprietor waiting for our last order to be served.
- film-less life (not even a DVD viewed completely at home)
- playing marionnette (puppet) during bath time (she simply loves being in that tub with her squeezy friends)
- having diapers on top of our weekly grocery list
- no more impromptu weekends, everything should be organized from her vitamins to her duvet
- and a lot more..

On her development, oh my, she's grown up a lot. Look at the picture on the left, would you believe that she could entertain 20 persons at her age! That picture was taken during the 70th birthday celebration of her grandparents from Beaupréau.

At 8 months, Louna counts 5 teeth among her assets. She also learned to discover the different parts of her body, touching them incessantly. She loves to suck her toe, touch her eyes and ears and even her kiki (reproductive organ). She loves to watch herself infront of the mirror, I guess she knows that she's actually looking at herself.

She starts to turn by herself too. She actually sleeps on her side since 2 weeks now. She's quite restless at the moment, turning and twisting everywhere, touching, putting on her mouth and throwing everything within her reach. We cannot leave her anymore in one place thinking we could still find her in the same place and in the same position when we get back. Ah, those were the days.

Oh, by the way, she finally expressed her willingness to be half-French. Look at her with her baguette! Isn't that lovely?

She also learned how to shout. Whether it's in French, English or Tagalog, nobody knows. All I know is that she does it very loudly. I can't tell if it's already her first word, but she keeps on babbling kkkkkk kakakakaka..

You want more news? Louna's more attentive to the world of sounds now. Even the smallest noise.. funny how she laughs when she hears herself fart. This is excellent. I should catch that on video, but you know, it's really hard to predict when that would happen, right?

Oh by the way, she particularly loves when you whisper to her 'I love you Louna', she would actually stop moving and listen attentively on what you say by putting her head next to yours. Ah, life of being a Mom.

So that's all, folks. But before we say see you next month, just want to share to you these 2 videos:

Self-Supporting Louna

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Louna at 8 months

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7th Month Inventory

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mardi, juin 20, 2006


Weight: 9.1 kg
Height: 75 cm
Number of Teeth: 3
Sitting position: Almost stable
Overall remark: Always on play mode, sleeps well, smiles to people, very agreable, loves to cuddle in the arms of maman


Doesn't like water
Had fever once but slept and ate normally ( I should count this as an asset)

Not bad milestone for a 7 months old, right? A recent discovery about this loving little girl has not been classified yet. Please help. Is this an Asset or Liability? Spot the difference!

Bonne Fête Papa!!!

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dimanche, juin 18, 2006

Cry No More

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jeudi, juin 08, 2006

Call it miracle, divine intervention or whatever, the catch is.. my baby stopped crying during bath time a week before her 7th month. She finally understood that it's useless to resist. I guess it's simply called growing up.

Louna at 6 Months

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jeudi, juin 01, 2006

Louna never fails to amaze me on her developments. She has completely changed from the time we brought her out of the clinic to now. That tiny little kitten has been transformed to a gorgeous little princess. Her strongest point is her sleeping habit, she could sleep anywhere: in the car, in her room, in a tent, on her stroller...and even on a baby backpack! Could you imagine all the vacation possibilities we could do with her?

On beauty: She's becoming more and more tan (or is it because of sunburn?) and was glad to see her picture where I saw a little ressemblance to me. PS: We're both wearing a sunblock cream.

She had her 2nd tooth, the left central incisor last May 27, at 6 months and 3 weeks old. She also started eating meat, like ham or chicken. Food diversity is never a problem for her...except for one important thing - she doesn't drink water! Orange zest added on water solves the problem temporarily. We will try to lessen the quantity little by little till she accepts to drink plain water. That will be our objective this summer.
Life is like a stone, it's hard ;)
Louna on the go: with Mommy and Daddy, we headed down south to spend our 4-day weekend. We camped for 2 nights in Collioure then moved to Barcelona afterwards.
I've learned more things about Louna during this travel.

I've learned that she's afraid of the water (or the cold temperature) when I tried to dip her feet into the sea. She automatically pulled her feet up to avoid the water and cried her heart out as if begging me not to do it again.
I know that she could climb mountains without being grouchy. She just loves to watch the beautiful scenery before her eyes, regardless of her uncomfortable position on the backpack.
She's got high potentials to be a party people. This little vagabond has kept her big eyes wide open during our nocturnal visit at Barcelona. She was even happily shouting inside the bus on our way home at pass midnight. Nope, she did not have that famous 1-liter glass of beer...


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Another Milestone

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jeudi, mai 18, 2006

Louna is halfway to her first year and to mark this event, she left an important milestone to easily remember this moment - on May 8, a day after her baptismal day, her grouchy mood was actually translated to the birth of her first tooth. What a significant way to mark this milestone!

Her Baptismal Day

May 7, 2006 was a special day for Louna, it's the moment where she officially entered catholic life. There were 5 children baptized in Andrezé at the same time and Louna was the youngest and the only one in a white gown. In fact, French people don't invest anymore on white ensembles which are destined to be used once (except of course for wedding gowns). So imagine all those admirative eyes focused on Louna during her special day. First, because she's wearing a 2€ gown from Divisoria offered by Tita Nene. Second was because she's like no other...she's got a magnificent tan, dark eyes and hair... and special visitors from the Philippines!Louna with cousins Louise and Martin at the church.

Louna with the grandparents.

The baptismal ceremony was ended by the throwing of candies outside the church so kids could collect them. They call it gripaille here. As you can see in the picture, not only kids enjoy this moment, Daddy as well.

For her christening day, she got a necklace with a matching pendant from Mamie and Ninang Louise, a set of pearl jewelries from Mommy and Daddy and a cross-stitch with an angel motif from Ninang Claire. Just wondering what she got from Ninong JJ?? Hmmm...let her check that out this December when we will be in the Philippines.

Lunch was served at Papy and Mamie's place in Beaupréau. Check this yummy menu and savour the moment with us.
The Menu.

The give-aways and the little mouse table decorations done by Louise.

Table arrangement.

Cheers to Louna.

Louna just can't get enough of her champagne and her cake.

The occasion was ended with a little promenade in Beaupréau's Castle where Papa Laurent was born. The promenade was cut short because of the rain which chased us out of the castle's beautiful garden.

A heartfelt thanks for all the attention and help during that occasion. Thanks to Uncle Jean-Paul for flying back from Africa just to be with Louna that day, to Ninang Louise for the beautiful table decoration, to Aunt Chantal for the mouth-watering menu, and to Mamie and Papy for opening their door for us to celebrate this special moment.

Thank you very much from the Bourcier family. Kisses from Louna.
PS: Please click on the pictures to get a bigger view.