11 Months Déjà

Publié par Analyse à 10/09/2006 09:19:00 PM

lundi, octobre 09, 2006

And now she plays hide and seek..

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And cuddles her toys.

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7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

ang cute-cute! pati si ninev tuwang-tuwa dito habang nanonood ng video. hehe! i told her na she's louna, sabi naman niya "nona". haha!

she's so sweet on her 2nd video. is that her fave stuff toy?

Anonyme a dit…

haha, know what, almost all kids of ninev's age call her nona..

she's got another bestfriend actually.. this doggie toy is just a replica of the doggie of her nanny..

Iskoo a dit…

galing naman ng technology ngayon, documented na ang paglaki ng mga bata, samantala ako ni picture nung bata ako wala na, hehe.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Louna grabe kakagigil yung cheeks mo! 11 mos na, hay naku bilis talaga ng panahon! Parang feeling namin matanda na kami!

Is Louna starts walking na ba Tita Ana? Upload po kayo kaagad ha, naku mas lalo po kayong ma excite nyan pag naglalakad na sya at tapos mapapagod po kayo kakasunod sa kanya hehehe ! Parang si Maman namin !

Anonyme a dit…

Iskoo, hi-tech na nga. But I wish I had the same doc nung bata ako, I would like to see how I was din hehe..

Basti and Mimi, I guess she'll walk bientôt na.. watch out!

Anonyme a dit…

bonjourrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! :)

how are you?? thanks for the email, ana! clems and I had fun time watching Louna's videos! ang laki na nya! and so cute!!!! :) clems n'arrête pas de dire, "elle est mignoooooonne!"

sorry, nag-disappear na ko totally sa blogging world... et merci beaucoup, tu ne m'as pas mis de côté... thanks.

dernière nouvelle, on a déja acheté une maison dans l'Oise et on s'y plaît beaucoup. :)

o sha, à bientôt na lang!
Louna, keep on posting ha? je reviens...

gros bisous!!!!!

Analyse a dit…

bonjour tita bokskie!!! i'm so glad to read a note from you. je suis vraiment contente, je sais que tu ne m'as pas encore oubliée.

félicitations pour la maison, tu dois être occupée alors, il y a beaucoup plus de choses à faire dans une maison que dans un appart.. talking from experience hehe. bises a toi et à clems.