Kyla's Spring Update

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mercredi, avril 28, 2010

1 year and 7 months old! And yet, she just started walking 2 months ago, at 17 months old. But then, she's got all her baby teeth and she eats on her own. Each kid has his own developmental milestone and I vowed to respect my kids' time.

She's got other talents too. She can drink from a cup/glass on her own - without a drop, take note.

She tries to run. Climbs up the stairs. She knows when she does her potty thing (she says o-o), even sits on her trainer without her diapers but still couldn't do it. In fact, she informs us when she's actually doing it. There's a problem of synchronization but I'll seriously start training her this summer.

Communication is probably the highlight of this season. She starts to pronounce words and form sentences. She loves to repeat words so I take advantage.

Kyla's First Words

Mama - that's music to my ears especially when she wakes up in the morning and yells Mama!
Papa -
Siser (Dessert) - while pointing with insistence on the fridge
Shosho (Chaussures, chaussettes ou chaussons - shoes, socks or bootee) - while pointing on her feet
Ato (Gâteau - Cake/Cookie) - this pertains to all kinds of food!
Shisho (C'est chaud - It's hot) - generally to refer to her soup followed by blowing to cool it down. Below is a vid showing how she pronounce c'est chaud.

English Phrases She Understands

Go to bed - she sure understands this because she cries each time I tell her
Go upstairs - she generally doesn't like this because it's almost synonymous to 'go to bed'
Go downstairs - it means it's time for breakfast
Let's brush your teeth - she wants to brush her teeth herself
Time to eat - she would stop whatever she's doing and run direct to the kitchen
Outside - she loves to stay outside

Now that she starts to catch some words and understands them, I also start introducing English DVDs so she assimilates another language easily. Did I say she's watching Dora?