Photoshoot June 2010

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dimanche, juin 20, 2010

Mother's Day

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mercredi, juin 16, 2010

Papa told me one afternoon that we needed to send some pictures to his parents because it's been a long time they haven't seen the girls and one of the main reasons is, the blog is not updated! Errr, is there any message somewhere? *scratching head*

Ok, alright. How many times did I say that I need to be more active on blogging, at least on this one? Hmmm, probably on all my previous entries, lol. Facebook is probably the IN thing of the moment and since all my siblings and a LOT of my friends and relatives are there.. and not to forget, the girls' cousin Louise is also there - that I unconsciously neglige this blog thinking they get an update and get to see pictures of the girls there.

But ok, due to Papa's insistent demand, here I go with none other than my gift on mother's day! As you can observe, the little artist has improved a lot on cutting and painting objects + on writing skills as well.

Below is a video of my mother's day poem this year. Louna's not in the mood to recite it, but due to insistent public demand, she gave way without much enthusiasme, lol. Here's a link to last year's poem.

Here are some picture updates.
And a video update showing how they love to feed the animals.