Patay na Kuko

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samedi, janvier 31, 2009

Louna approached me this morning and told me while showing her toenail Mon pied est mort Maman.

Translation: My foot is dead Maman (but I think she meant toenail because she's pointing on it).

I'm just wondering how she knew the word mort (dead) and how she interprets it.

Louna Writes, Kyla Laughs

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jeudi, janvier 22, 2009

Louna. She's 3 years and 2 months old but look at how she writes her name! But hey, don't be fooled, she's just tracing the lines I wrote which formed her name. But that ain't bad for a 3 year old, right? I could be proud!

Kyla. 4 months old. Errr, I'm playing stage mom. I joined her picture in Kiabi casting so if you have time and you think she deserves to be on the billboards, go vote! Here's a sample of Kyla, the star ;)
But before that, hear her laugh on this video.. Enjoy!

And before I leave you, here's a funny picture of the two girls sleeping. Real sisters, aren't they? They've got the same style!

Kyla 3 Months 3 Weeks Old

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samedi, janvier 17, 2009

I'm a lazy blogger mom. My mom asked me to update the blog so my family could see how beautifully this little girl grew up. She reminded me how regularly I updated the blog at Louna's time and how happy Kyla would be when she's older and could read what I've written for her. Oo nga naman.

So. She still has plenty of hair. This little princess laughs when somebody talks to her. She's eager to communicate. She tries to lift her head when laid on her back, to grab and hold toys infront of her and to suck her fingers. She still regurgitates quite a lot and often cries after feeding. The medecines she took didn't do her any good so her pediatrician asked us to undergo xray examinations on her stomach in the next week. I hope it's just nothing. She had her second set of vaccin shots. At 3.5 months, she weighed 6 kg and measured 66 cm. Big girl!

She's now taking 4 bottles of 210ml a day and sleeps longer hours at night. She could stay from 9pm to 9am now but still irregular. If I want to have uninterrupted nights, I need to give her the last bottle later in the evening, like 9 to 11pm.

Well, aside from frequent regurgitations, this little girl grows up wonderfully. Never been sick since birth. Smiles when she wakes up. Wets and soils her diapers regularly (oh yes, even that could mean happiness to parents!).

T'es sûre, il va pas revenir?

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dimanche, janvier 04, 2009

Louna's fascination to Père Noël (Santa Claus) is so innocently sweet but is tainted with a bit of fear and doubt. Each time she sees Santa Claus hanging on windows and roofs, she gets excited and would sing:

Last Christmas, Papa decided to disguise as Santa Claus so Louna could continue with her fascination to the Père Noël story. She was pretty surprised when she saw Santa knocking on the window. Her first reaction was to sing Petit Papa Noël (see video) but when she realized that Santa was the real one, she started to sing in a low voice and move backwards. Gift distribution was fun and ended without Louna crying. She had what she asked for - a blue plane in a blue gift. She hesitantly approached Santa though, and was even more hesitant to give him a kiss.

After Santa's gift giving, during our Christmas lunch, we again asked her to sing Petit Papa Noël. But before singing, she asked me: T'es sûre, il va pas revenir? (Are you sure, he won't come back?). Lol, she was happy to see Santa in person but she preferred not to see him again.

Last night, she told her Papa: En fait, le Père Noël chez Tatate, c'est Papa (In fact, Santa Claus in Auntie's place was Papa) - with an air of confirmation. Oh, that little brain starts to analyse things. Do you think she now knows the secret of Santa Claus?