Summer Vacation at Lac du Carouge

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dimanche, juillet 18, 2010

We had a week vacation to spend 2 weeks ago and to please everybody, we decided to rent a mobilehome at a camping site in the mountainous area of the Savoie Region - that is to please Papa who's a bike fanatic at the moment, to please Mama who hates too much hot weather, and to please us, the little girls because there's a tiny lake just at the gate of the camping site and because we're staying in a "rectangle house"!

The camping site had a Mini Club so I got to spend some mornings with other kids while Mama and Kyla had fun at the playground or at the lake and while Papa's out biking. Mama said I progressed a lot because I was less shy and I participated in kid activities at the camping site. In fact, I went alone at the club just after breakfast when we had no planned activity in the morning. That's how big I am now!

Nights are spent watching football (it was the world cup finals that week!), or listening to karaoke or simply playing with other kids - of other nationalities! That's camping life and I love it!

One morning, my parents had a surprise for Kyla and I - a donkey ride! Its name was Galopette and it stayed the whole day with us. That was really a fun ride and I wish I could do the same again next vacation. Kyla would surely love to do it alone on her own donkey.

We did a lot of child-friendly trek and even Kyla walked with us. Mama said I could really do long distances now and that she was proud of me. One itinerary included a 350m climb (3 hour hike) but we took the wrong way on our way back so we continued climbing and some passages were really dangerous. Papa said that we were out of the child-friendly loop and we needed to take extra care in climbing. Good thing Mama didn't forget our magic lollipop that gave me extra power to climb. Kyla was comfortably seated on her baby backpack but she needed the magic lollipop anyway to give her extra power to stay calm.

Look at that, the magic lollipop worked wonders too to keep me smiling after such an effort!

Check the pictures and have fun with us!