A smile a day keeps worries away..

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dimanche, février 26, 2006

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3 Months and Growing..

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mardi, février 21, 2006

She's growing too fast that we have to be always in close watch to keep up.

She had her second dose of Hepa B and Pentavac vaccins last February 9, and will have her last dose of these vaccins on March 10. The cream (anesthesia) does wonders, Louna just pushed a little cry and that's it. She smiled at her Pediatrician like nothing has happened.

She's now 66 cm and 6.6 kg. A top model, what else!

Louna holding her toy.

Ever-so-curious Louna does more than staring at her toys now, she could actually touch them. She exerts all of her energy, moves all of her body to touch her toys: her hands, her feet, her facial expression, everything!

She could play with different emotions on her face now, great way to express more what she wants. I assure you, she's adorable even when she cries!

Sad face!

From arreuh arreuh and okooo okooo last month, she could now pronounce booo boooo (her favorite nowadays), and other sounds.

For her third month, she got a choco - pear cake from maman. Papa blew the candles for her.

Louna with her 3rd Month cake.

What's also great with Louna is that, she loves going out. She loves observing new things that she forget to cry, or crying isn't just her nature. We could even eat in restaurants with her without any problem. I could go to the doctor, do the grocery, have my hair cut, or just walk in the parks with her. Another great thing with her is that she sleeps sans problem at night, sleeps till 10am during weekends, and sleeps peacefully when her maman is at her side...très mignon! (Louna with Maman at a restaurant in Dijon.)