15 March, 1:05am

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mardi, mars 15, 2005

I suddenly woke up with only one thing in mind - the Pregnancy Test I bought the other day. 5 days had elapsed since the supposed zone rouge and now, I'm too impatient to give it a try. Switching the lampshade on, I frantically searched for my thick robe and zoomed my way to the toilet - the instrument has been eagerly and patiently waiting for me at the corner.

After I seated comfortably on the throne, I then proceeded with the simple task, observing that liquid as it migrates slowly on the control windows, making my heart stop and jump at the same time at each second. That very short wait has transported me to somewhere totally unknown to me, to a mix of emotions too difficult to discern. After barely a minute, this instrument has quickly transformed itself to Angel Gabriel, conveying to me the good news, transformed itself into something very significant - my future baby's first sign of LIFE!

I was glad and frightened at the same time.

Glad because we really planned for it. And who wouldn't, right?

Frightened because I quickly counted the months and aligned them with all my upcoming projects. Career buff as I am, I find it hard to leave unfinished projects.

With this mixed emotion haunting me to bed, I thought I should rather share this BIG news with my partner in crime, who, a day earlier just left for Thailand. He would be delighted to hear this new event in our life. And so, I let this little budding creature write to his papa..

Hey Dad, it's already 2h05 here (March 15) and 20 minutes ago, i just whispered
to Mom a secret. So I thought, I have to do the same for you. Shhhhh....I just
thought I could be a star, I took my first picture portrait at home and look! Am
I not beautiful? Remember when Mom sent you a photo of my cousins Ate Nikki and
Kuya Ivan? When she said her family produces the best children? Hey, me too, me

Shhh, just between the 3 of us, ok? Promise you won't tell Mamie and
Papie yet? Mom whispered to me she wanted to be sure first...and hey, she told
me too, no phonecalls at work about me being a star....Shhh, just between the
two of us..you know, she will surely cry again..you dont want people to see her
crying right? hehe, she just looks awful afterwards...hey, it's a secret,

And hey, dont worry Dad, she feeds me all right..je t'aime (oppps,
that's the only french word she taught me! What does that mean?)