Louna Writes, Kyla Laughs

Publié par Analyse à 1/22/2009 10:00:00 PM

jeudi, janvier 22, 2009

Louna. She's 3 years and 2 months old but look at how she writes her name! But hey, don't be fooled, she's just tracing the lines I wrote which formed her name. But that ain't bad for a 3 year old, right? I could be proud!

Kyla. 4 months old. Errr, I'm playing stage mom. I joined her picture in Kiabi casting so if you have time and you think she deserves to be on the billboards, go vote! Here's a sample of Kyla, the star ;)
But before that, hear her laugh on this video.. Enjoy!

And before I leave you, here's a funny picture of the two girls sleeping. Real sisters, aren't they? They've got the same style!

5 commentaires:

tintin a dit…

So cute!! Is Louna really sleeping in the last one or is she being makulit and pretending? Either way, it's very adorable.

gracita a dit…

i have the same question: was louna just pretending? or really sleeping? :) they're both really cute! magka-muka sobra! :)

Heart of Rachel a dit…

Great job Louna. Keep it up!

Cute photos and videos. Thanks for sharing.

Analyse a dit…

di po sya nagpre-pretend, they're both sleeping hehe..

mitch a dit…

dpat c louna din isali mo sa casting malay natin d ba :D