Mom, I blew up the kids!

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jeudi, juin 04, 2009

It’s been over a month now since I updated the blog and I feel a bit guilty for not taking the time to chronicle each tricks and milestones as they arrive. So to recap this month’s progress...

Louna’s been excelling on her speech development. She’s been talking a lot using correct grammar, a rich vocabulary and sweet phrase constructions which surprise me each day. Just a second ago, she told me while showing her book ça, c'est mon livre adoré (this is a book that I adore). She could have contented herself by telling me that it's her book but adding the word adoré made the sentence extra special.

She's singing quite a lot too. Not with the correct phrases but it's sweet nevertheless. Hear her sing here:

Kyla on the other hand is not really gaining a lot of weight, hardly going over 8kg at 8 months old. So I thought giving her spinach instead of her toes could solve the problem but no dice. Not a gram more.

Kyla had been learning a lot of skills tho despite her regurgitation problems. She now knows how to sit on her own, to roll over and to hold her bottle. She’s been babbling tatata, bababa, mamama and papapa most of her waking hours. She also plays with different sounds and since her sister shouts a lot, she could sure imitate her sister no problem.
Since the girls are growing up too fast and the little girl in me had been wanting a playhouse, the whole family engaged in an ambitious project - a playhouse.

It all started with this layout:
Sorry, I don't know what this picture has but I can't turn it!
Then off we worked.

PS: It’s Mother’s Day today in this part of the globe and aside from the handmade picture frame Louna prepared for me at school, she also recited a nice poem for me. Watch out:
Translation: Knock, knock, knock, Is it the sound of rain on the floor?
Knock, knock, knock, Is it the horse running?
It's nothing at all.
It's my little heart Mom.
Happy Mother's Day!

Ain’t it nice to be a Mom?

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