Fête de l'Ecole

Publié par Analyse à 6/29/2009 08:03:00 PM

lundi, juin 29, 2009

My family would never miss a special occasion such as this. *Childhood memories rushing down memory lane now*. End of school ceremonies had always been something special. It's the time when kids are dressed beautifully, when children dance and sing and when all their work is being paid off. In the Philippines, students who do well at school are awarded with medals and certificates. And of course, Maman had always been the best in her class that is to motivate you girls, and to boot, your cousin Nikki has just been classified as a gifted child.

And since you're all far from us, here's presenting you Louna dancing the Greek goddess ;)

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haze a dit…

It's really nice to see this spectacular performance from the kiddos ! Hehehe I am sure you're a proud Maman like everyone else!

Analyse a dit…

oh yeah! too proud of my darling daughter.. i didnt know she could dance like that ;)