Aiming for greater heights..

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mercredi, décembre 06, 2006

Literally! Yes, after I mastered the stairs (I can go upstairs with my eyes closed!), I finally discovered a more challenging one - the couch. Click on the video and I'll show you how I do it.

Ain't that fun? My parents are actually scratching their heads thinking how they could secure this new haven for me. In fact, I just bumped my head on the center table last night but that didn't stop me, of course.

Lately, I've been hearing queries whether I walk or not. Curious people. Well, to tell you frankly, I'm not in a hurry. My parents bought me a truck and a stroller to incite me to walk when in fact, I would prefer walking with them. I would cling on Mama's finger and off I could go. I could actually do five small steps now to my parent's delight. I could see their eyes shining every step I take. That's funny.

And Oh, by the way, have I told you that I dream of becoming a star one day? Hear me sing (ainsi font..) ..

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Anonyme a dit…

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basti et mimi a dit…

Now it's your turn to Louna to discover what I discovered ;)Bravo !!! Next time we'll see each other you are running faster than me.

Bon Voyage à toute la famille bientôt aux Philippines, nous sommes content pour toi et bien sûr pour tes parents aussi. Regalez vous bien ;).

ate ninev a dit…

way to go louna! you're doing a great job! ;)

i love all your pics. you're so adorable! big hugs!