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jeudi, décembre 21, 2006

Much as we wanted to be good ideal parents, circumstances sometimes just keep us from being one. Personal and professional life, though separate, are somehow associated. One affects the other.

Last week, Louna suffered from otitis and brochitis topped with a 39°C fever. As a result, she wasn't able to get her Hepa A and Typhoid fever vaccins which were her preventive medications for her coming visit to the Philippines. At this same time, Laurent had to go to Boston and Moi had to spend two days in Paris. Wrong timing.

The solution: Louna had to spend two nights at her nanny's place and Nanny had to organize with the physical therapist for Louna's much needed respiratory massage. Good thing we have a super nanny!!

Changes changes.

Changes abound a-plenty. Her favorite game right now is to put two things together. She could close her bottle alone. She could assemble little parts of her Lego toys. She could put back her ointment back in its box.

Sorry for this poor lighting condition, Papa will surely do something about it next year.

She could take tiny little steps alone. All she need is a little push from Maman and Papa and a little courage, will power and motivation from her. That's a lot from a 13 months old! She could however maneover her baby stroller alone, she could take sharp turns no problem.

She could also manifest her non dislike of things. She could shout as much as I do, could stamp her feet like a big girl.. and if that still doesn't work, she could lie down and cry. She's a capricious girl in the making.

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Anonyme a dit…

Sorry baby Louna I missed your birthday. Kabirthday ba kita? Nov 9 ako. Bablik nalnag ako to read your developments.
Tell your Mommy not to worry about being in the list of digiscrappers ksi yong iba doon hindi pa nakagawa ng LO.
Hey! Ana come by the forum to introduce yourself and share your LO's. If you have questions the ladies there are very helpful.

Anonyme a dit…

naku pasensya ka na Louna ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw, we're out of vacation and we're a bit buys! Ag cute mo sa pciture mo ha ;)!