What's New at 9 Months Old

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mardi, août 22, 2006

Ok, I know. I've promised you more stories about me and nothing's popping out of this little chez moi. Not that nothing's going on with my 9-month-old life, it's just that I'm quite busy tagging Mama and Papa along with me and my little activities, thus keeping them far from the computer. Yep, kids as tiny as me could demand a lot of attention, you know.

Well, where do I begin? You might be interested to know that I could actually stand while holding on a support and at the same time watch Dora, my favorite explorer. My little hands and feet aren't strong enough tho to pull myself up and stand on my own. But with the help of Mama or Papa, I could grip on their hands and stand.. then try walking. Yes, that's one of my 9-month-old discovery. When helped by someone, I could even run.

Papa is quite impatient to see me crawl, but not yet. There's time for that. Mama thinks I'm not far from being capable as I could put myself on a crawling position. What I need is to dare that first move. And yes, I guess my naughty parents provoke me by putting my toys quite out of my reach. Nasty Mama and Papa.

I also started to mumble different sounds, including those syllables everybody awaits - mama and papa. During promenades, I catch all those admirative glances and remarks as I untiringly recite my new-found syllables. Mama says I love singing.

Aren't you tired reading yet? Well, because I still have a lot to say. Did you know that I start to imitate? Like Maman will show me how to put the key in my toy car, and I'll try as much as I could to do the same? But well, I never succeeded yet but Mama says it will come.

I started accompanying my parents do a tour en velo - yep, bicycles! I don't drive, I just entertain them with my songs.

I even had an extra surprise last weekend when we stopped at a playground. Yipee! They know I love staring at other kids. It's another way to learn, right?

And look at my first slide!

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Here's another naughty stuff I do to entertain my parents. You know, I could do a one-kid show!

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By the way, I have a rendez-vous with my Pediatrician next week - monthly check-up and another shot of vaccins. He might think I'm a little giant as I'm dressed with 18-month-sized clothes (81 cm) for my age.

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