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jeudi, mai 18, 2006

Louna is halfway to her first year and to mark this event, she left an important milestone to easily remember this moment - on May 8, a day after her baptismal day, her grouchy mood was actually translated to the birth of her first tooth. What a significant way to mark this milestone!

Her Baptismal Day

May 7, 2006 was a special day for Louna, it's the moment where she officially entered catholic life. There were 5 children baptized in Andrezé at the same time and Louna was the youngest and the only one in a white gown. In fact, French people don't invest anymore on white ensembles which are destined to be used once (except of course for wedding gowns). So imagine all those admirative eyes focused on Louna during her special day. First, because she's wearing a 2€ gown from Divisoria offered by Tita Nene. Second was because she's like no other...she's got a magnificent tan, dark eyes and hair... and special visitors from the Philippines!Louna with cousins Louise and Martin at the church.

Louna with the grandparents.

The baptismal ceremony was ended by the throwing of candies outside the church so kids could collect them. They call it gripaille here. As you can see in the picture, not only kids enjoy this moment, Daddy as well.

For her christening day, she got a necklace with a matching pendant from Mamie and Ninang Louise, a set of pearl jewelries from Mommy and Daddy and a cross-stitch with an angel motif from Ninang Claire. Just wondering what she got from Ninong JJ?? Hmmm...let her check that out this December when we will be in the Philippines.

Lunch was served at Papy and Mamie's place in Beaupréau. Check this yummy menu and savour the moment with us.
The Menu.

The give-aways and the little mouse table decorations done by Louise.

Table arrangement.

Cheers to Louna.

Louna just can't get enough of her champagne and her cake.

The occasion was ended with a little promenade in Beaupréau's Castle where Papa Laurent was born. The promenade was cut short because of the rain which chased us out of the castle's beautiful garden.

A heartfelt thanks for all the attention and help during that occasion. Thanks to Uncle Jean-Paul for flying back from Africa just to be with Louna that day, to Ninang Louise for the beautiful table decoration, to Aunt Chantal for the mouth-watering menu, and to Mamie and Papy for opening their door for us to celebrate this special moment.

Thank you very much from the Bourcier family. Kisses from Louna.
PS: Please click on the pictures to get a bigger view.

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