Another New Trick at 10.5 Months

Publié par Analyse à 9/23/2006 02:16:00 PM

samedi, septembre 23, 2006

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Yes, I can now stand up on my own. What a great discovery! I love this new exploit. Papa adjusted my bed this morning so I could walk around it without the risk of falling down.

Again this morning, Mama left me at the living room so I could watch Dora the Explorer while she's preparing Papa's favorite apple tart. I actually surprised her when I showed up at the kitchen door. You might think, why the surprise, I could crawl so I could go anywhere I want. The fact is, there's a two-step stair separating our living room and the rest of the house. I could now climb up a stair so watch out.

I started to open those cabinets too. It's just so much fun discovering those hidden treasures inside our house. I begin pointing my finger too, so when they ask me 'Where is Papa', I could point to almost everything except my Papa, hehe. Of course, I still have a lot of progress to make. I could move my head left and right to say NO. Everybody infront of me giggles when I do that. Life is great!

4 commentaires:

tita ligaya a dit…

way to go louna! congratulations to another milestone, great job! =)

soon, you're running around your house and chasing Maman and Dada. keep up the good work!

big kisses from tita aya and ate ninev. mwaah!

tita ligaya a dit…

i forgot to mention that i enjoyed your video. bravo louna! =)

Analyse a dit…

hi tita ligaya and ate ninev, im glad im sending smiles your way ;)

Francesca a dit…

kakagigil niya...
Ano kinakain niyan?

Kasi, super giggiiiilll
pakurot, hehe