To Cane or Not to Cane

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jeudi, février 14, 2008

This is a Tag from Mitch and I think it's good timing as Louna's on the Terrible Twos stage and bad habits are growing by leaps and bounds. Time out corners had been a hit but she's outgrown that now. She still knows the signification but would refuse to stay there or else, she would deliberately lie on the floor. Hitting the back of her hand is somewhat effective now, she would even hit her own hand when she knows she's done something bad. It doesn't necessarily need hard hitting, she knows when we're angry and hitting her hand is just a symbol.

The biggest challenge right now is for her to systematically arrange her toys after play time (though she does that voluntarily at the Nanny's place :(. Or she would even intentionally scatter her toys just to challenge us. Is that some kind of a power play between parents and kids? Who wins?

Pushing her to arrange her toys (or any other activity) has never worked. I just end up exasperated, at the verge of losing my temper. So I return the challenge followed by encouragements - Papa, do you think Louna could arrange her toys? Oh, does this belong here? I think it belongs to Dora. - Look at what Louna's doing Papa. She's a real good girl! - And yes, when she executes the challenge, there's a tinge of pride in her geste.

Well, the strategy doesn't work 100% of the time but is already encouraging. It depends on her mood.

Oppps, what was the question again? To cane or not to cane? Oh no. I'm not giving my last word yet but I don't really think so. I was never hit by my parents and I think I'm a good girl (lol). I believe in the power of communication and I believe I would use that without moderation.

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Mitch a dit…

We have something in common, yung style when Deye tries my patience. Pero kami di naman pagligpit ng toys ang issue lagi, tuwing oras ng paligo at pagbibihis. She would literally run away from you if you tell her let's go have a wash/bath now. It's not that she hates to be in the water pero that's her way to tease me, that sometimes really irritate me. Lalo na kung nagmamadali ako.

Thanks for doing the tag! ;-)

chung a dit…

ako din, i prefer not to spank my future kids. although napapalo ako nung bata ako :( super likot ko daw kasi sabi ng mom ko e, hehe.

i sometimes forget to visit this site, but when i do, i read all your louna updates! kakatuwa! :)

tintin a dit…

Have you tried showing her a video of kids being very cooperative when putting their toys away? I saw it in Barney and when I needed to have my little brother help me with cleaning up his toys I'd sing the same song they sang there (this was years ago):

Clean up clean up
Everybody everywhere
Clean up clean up
Everybody do your share

Good luck!

gail a dit…

sagana ako sa palo nung bata ako, my mom and aunts commented na supladita ako.

i hope di ko naman mapalo si vierte and would stick to just having a "time-out" or "face the wall" thing