Did I hear it right? My daughter is correcting me!

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mercredi, février 06, 2008

One problem of being a working mom is that I only see my daughter in the morning where everything should be done at a lightning speed - and in the evening, where a good portion of that precious time is spent in the kitchen. She knows what's inside the fridge, where to find chocolates, how to arrange our groceries (she knows what to put in the fridge and what not to), how to set the table.. her vocabulary skills are somewhat focused on what's inside the kitchen too.

So you could imagine that most of the conversations evolve in that part of the house too. The conversation this morning came out like this:

Maman: Louna, fini ton verre, s'il te plait. (Louna, please finish your glass).
Louna: Non, non, non (while shaking her head). Ca, c'est lait. (No, no, no. This is milk.)

Well, okay. How in the world could I ask her to finish her glass?

And another conversation:

Maman explaining to Louna that what she's eating was cheese and it's like yoghurt but in a different form. (We try to limit her food intake as she has the tendency to exaggerate - did I say that she's a glutton?)

Louna opening the fridge then pointing to a yoghurt: Non, ça c'est wut (No, this is yoghurt. - that's how she pronounce yaourt for now).

Maman ended up scratching her head. How could I explain that both are made of milk and she could take either of the two but not both?


Ever wonder what your kid's doing with the Nanny while you're out? I know.
Louna and Camille with Nanou Guénaëlle watching a show at the nursery.

Little Bakers.

The Pirate, the Indian and the Little Kitten ready for Mardi Gras.

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Soy a dit…

Aahhh. She's got more logic than her Maman, hehe! Clever girl!

evi a dit…

my son would correct me too. kids are more critical than adults.

haze a dit…

There you go Louna, correct your Mom because she doesn't know the difference between a glass and a milk LOOOLLL ! Children are more particular than adults and they see even the tiniest thing that meets the eye! SMART LOUNA ;) :

tintin a dit…

Pretty soon she'll start correcting your pronounciation..Kids! Hahah.

janet a dit…

i got corrections a lot of times from my boy too. :) they're cute.

btw, i have an award waiting for you to grab:



Heart of Rachel a dit…

That so cute! A wonderful sign that Louna is very observant and a keen listener.

Sometimes my son corrects me too. I find it really amusing.

Auee a dit…

aww she's so clever :-)