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vendredi, février 01, 2008

What she could do alone:

- Wear and remove her shoes.
- Do her potty.
- Remove her winter coat.
- Wear her gloves and bonnet.
- Go up and down the stairs.
- Eat and drink alone.
- Help me bake a yoghurt cake.
- Choose her own dessert.
- Choose what DVD to watch.
- Choose the song she wants to hear inside the car.
- Peel off a clementine.
- Ride her trotinette (scooter).

What she could do at the Nanny's place but refuse to do at home:

- Arrange her toys.

What she couldn't resist:

- Any kind of food.

What she hates:

- Water.

She's becoming more and more independent. She's almost ready to go to pre-school. Where did time go?

7 commentaires:

SexyMom a dit…

she's growing up beautifully, gracefully, and slowly, independently. how fast time flies!

raqgold a dit…

water??? like when she takes a bath and get water in her eyes? until now, both my kids are like that, kahit na gustong gusto nila magtampisaw. and IC? she would do anything for food, ahahaha

Marichu a dit…

wow what a cute little girl! while shes growing everyday shes becoming more adorable!
nabuhay ang blog ko day!

Marichu a dit…

its true nakakapagod sila pero once they smile at you limot ang pagod

Marichu a dit…

kita natin changes face especially if we compare the photos nila every now and then heheh

ann a dit…

Ganyan din mga kids ko noon , sa school ang bilis magligpit ng mga toys, kasi daw pag ligpitan na ng toys it means uwian na.

Heart of Rachel a dit…

These are great milestones. Louna is growing up and making great progress.