Mam Mam

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jeudi, mars 01, 2007

Credits: Background by Lyndsey Deeds. Alphas by Marie from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Eating is probably one of the skills she discovered with ease. She's a gourmand (I hate to use glutton for her). She started eating solid foods at 4 months old and after 10 months, we started to give her her own spoon. We were surprised with her agility to hold her spoon, to scoop some food from her bowl and to bring it to her mouth for the first time. We were sure, it was something she did with gusto. She never did try to use her hand for eating like other kids do. She sometimes try to pick some food with her fingers but I guess she understood that it's not proper so she try to hide when she does. And by the way, she picks food with her finger under the table and not on her plate. For her, plate is to spoon, as floor is to finger hehe.

As I said, she's a gourmand. She loves eating. She loves everything we present to her - fruit, vegetable, French cuisine, Filipino food... The problem is, she doesn't know when to stop. We stopped giving her her dose of milk for dinner as we know, she would want to share our food. It's more convivial for everybody, right? So we started having her on our dinner table last week. And guess what? She refuseS to move out of her chair even after we're done with the dishes. What to do?

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Christianne a dit…

Haha, ang galing naman ni Louana. My daughter just stabs the food with the fork/spoon and makes SUCH a mess!

Analyse a dit…

Louna loves eating.. holding her spoon is one of the skills she learned with ease. takaw e hehe.