Animal Feeding

Publié par Analyse à 3/12/2007 07:47:00 PM

lundi, mars 12, 2007

Credits: Backgrounds from Lyndsey Deeds, Alphas and Stitches from Free Digital Scrapbooking, Flowers from Petra Losbichler of Pc Scrapbooking .

We were walking around the park this weekend and my attention was caught by a group of kids crowding before the animals. I approached them and watched what they were doing. Wow, they were giving some foods to the animals. A little girl handed a slice of apple to me and I really thought it was for me. I was about to bite on it when Papa stopped me and showed me how to do. He guided my tiny little hands to the animals and two tiny goats started to bite on it. I continued feeding them and it was funny. I wasn't frightened at all. I love feeding the animals!

2 commentaires:

les crapouilles a dit…

Hahaha, maybe you were hungry and Maman Analyse haven't got any goûter for you ! Anyway, that's nice feeding and sharing food to animals! They need it especially our love and attention ! Enjoy the promende Louna !

Anonyme a dit…

Haha, pagbintangan daw ba si Maman for not bringing any goûter.. but Louna loves eating talaga, but it was nice to see that it was ok for her to share her food. It was a good sign.