Potty Trainee at 16 Months Old

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samedi, mars 10, 2007

The nanny informed us last week that Louna should start doing her poopy business like a big girl now. My first reaction was 'Ain't she too young?' First-time parents as we are, we didn't even thought about the idea. Not yet. She just started to walk, to hold her spoon, to eat by herself.. and now, she had to do toilet training as well. Too much tasks for a 16 months old.

We asked her pediatrician about the subject and he was all out to the idea of potty training her now. The earlier, the better. It's a skill that needs time to be mastered. It's something that needs to be learned. It's not a matter of age. It's a matter of the child's willingness to cooperate and learn.

Kids in France have to be diaper-free before entering nursery school at 3 years old. Though it seems too early for Louna to learn now (well, at least for me), it will be interesting to know how she would react to this new discovery. I've noticed that she's been staying in one corner everytime she does it, and even cries when I ask her what she's doing, like as if, she's ashamed of something. It means that she knows when it's wee-wee or poo-poo time, right? Now we need to wait for the time when she will say, 'It's poo-poo time Mom'.

Yesterday morning, just after changing her diaper, I saw her doing her poopy business silently in one corner. It was a sign. I quickly called up Papa Frenchguy and he in turn, hurriedly took the potty chair. We asked Louna to sit down and we waited. We were there, infront of her, excited and all, waiting for the result. After 1 or 2 minutes of no result, we decided to leave her so she could do it without being embarassed. And who would appreciate being watched at that poopy moment? It was a good strategy, she did it just as we left. We're proud parents!

It might be too early to consider it a milestone but we have promising result and we will surely continue the experience. Louna's now a certified potty trainee at 16 months.

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Anonyme a dit…

if she's showing interest then i suggest go for it and encourage it. i was potty trained before my 1st birthday. in turn, i potty trained my 5-year old early. i started when he turned 1 year old. by 15 months, he was completely potty trained. the downside: having to use public bathrooms when you're out and about. but hey, no more diapers!!!

Heart of Rachel a dit…

Congratulations! That's a remarkable progress at such a young age.

I agree that potty training cannot be structured based on age but on the child's readiness and willingness. It's wonderful that your daughter shows signs of being ready for potty training.

Analyse a dit…

Purplegirl, wow, that's early! now, i just felt that we're late. and to think that i wouldn't have started it if not for the suggestion of the nanny.

Rachel, yes, i guess she's ready. she did it again this morning.. i hope she will grab my fingers soon to lead me to her potty chair, that would be wonderful.

Christianne a dit…

Hi Ana! Ang cute naman ng potty chair ninyo. That's a priceless picture, mukhang todo ang concentration ni Louana.

I read that it's actually easier to potty train kids around your daughter's age because they aren't resistant to change yet. I hope we'll be as successful as you are when we start (my 14-month-old also usually hides in a corner when she poops, but she isn't walking very well yet, which is one of the signs of readiness :D).

Anonyme a dit…

Wow! I like Louna's trono :). It's such a cute picture. Since Louna is showing signs, encourage her but don't pressure her. I made a mistake of pressuring my Little K because there was a mom who told me that her child was potty trained by 12 months. There are techniques of potty training that can only be done if you don't have wall-to-wall carpeting. It took us a while to potty train Little K and we had to take her to her pedia after she refused to go more than a week. I mean, even on the diaper. Her doctor said it's a control issue and we should back off, the next day she went.

Analyse a dit…

Christianne, that's the same potty chair that Frenchguy used when he was of Louna's age. Funny to see Louna on the same chair hehe.

Yes, she's concentrated. She's actually looking if poo-poo's there already hehe. I guess your daughter's nearing the potty training age too..

KK, hehe, that trono is quite legendary. it belongs to the family.

i've heard about that resistance nga.. Louna's showing signs of cooperation naman... but she doesn't know when it's time yet.. so we have to observe her everytime..

feng a dit…

hi analyse. hats off to you for a job well done.

at least now, medyo tipid ka na rin sa gastos on nappies.

when my son was around 13-18 months, his lola would always comment: "naku ano ba yan, matutulog na lang, gastos pa rin sa diaper".

since then, we persevered in potty training my son. he perfected the daytime potty training at 1year 9 months and diaper-no-more during nightime at 2years 3 months. so ngayon, tipid na kami.

Anonyme a dit…

Feng, the job isn't done yet. she's not informing us yet when it's time.. so we have to observe.. poopy time is easy.. but weewee time is unpredictable.

JMom a dit…

that photo is adorable! :) That's very good if she is already working on potty training at 16 months! With my girls, I didn't seriously start training them until they were 2, but it also all depends on when they start showing readiness. Sometimes their own maturity clocks will tell you when they're ready.

les crapouilles a dit…

I did the same to get accepted in the school! It was not easy for me but Papa & maman have given all their support ! It's not easy for them too ! Sometimes they could get impatient because I cried or I can get capricious so courage Tati Ana ! Louna just gave a sign that she's willing to learn and that's an advantage ;) !

Anonyme a dit…

i don't know how i did it, but all my 7 children were off the diaper by the time they reached 1 year old, at varying ages, one was even off t 8 months. of course, when we went on long trips, we would let them use the diaper. it was all a matter of, yes-as your doctor said, preparedness, and patience. my mom (who lives with me until now), would patiently show them how. it was easier with the boys in urinating (self explanatory). when my mom or i see the symptoms, we would bring them to their potty trainer or the toilet. i read somewhere long time ago in a western magazine that too early training would have some negative effects on the child, but no, all my kids are growing up to be fine young lads and girls.

good luck with Louna's training. patience, my dear, patience

Anonyme a dit…

My 2 girls were potty trained and off diapers at 14 months old. It was longer for my boy for some reason. So 16 months isn't too early or too late .

Anonyme a dit…

JMom, it's better to wait for the sign rather than push them di ba..

At what age did you start potty training Basti?

Sexy Mom, I'm sure if I have my Mom around, mamanhood for me will be a whole lot of difference. I wish I have her just near me.. but not my MIL ha hehe.

Noemi, from the feedbacks that I got, it seems that there's no age rule.. it really depends on the child.. I'll let Louna take her time ;)

tintin a dit…

Oh my, you must save these pics to embarrass her later in her teen years. hahah! So adorable.