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vendredi, mars 30, 2007

The majority of my articles tend to highlight the positive side of Louna which explains her overall rating as a cool, easy-to-manage kid. Some friends even tease us that we have to plan for another child so we could feel the real parenting experience. But what is a real experience anyway? She's an ordinary child all the same, ready to express her anger and other emotional outbursts when need be.

Just like adults, kids need to evacuate these bad feelings for emotional equilibrium. It's healthy and normal. But unlike adults, kids lack self-control so they tend to express their emotions physically. I've seen toddlers who hit, bite, pull their friend's hair, throw toys, etc. Again, it's normal. When I was not a mother yet, I thought these kids are aggressive and violent, and get this, at a very young age! That's from someone who needs a course on child psychology or better yet, someone who needs to be a mother to understand kids. I'm learning.

As I've said, it's healthy and normal but it's not a reason to leave kids throwing tantrum on every occasion they get and hurt themselves or other kids. Careful, kids could abuse and consider it as a child's play (well, I guess I need to stop watching Super Nanny hehe, I start to be paranoid). Parents should be there to take control of the moment and explain the situation to them till they get the right self-discipline they need to master their emotions. You won't want to see your toddler alone at school because he's biting everybody, right?

Louna's method is quite brutal. She would cry and lie down on the floor. The moment I take her in my arms, she would hit me on the face. Merci (thank you). She's still a work in progress on this point. Before, I would try to calm her down at once but all I get are endless punches and louder cries. She won't even listen. So now, I let her blow it all out and talk to her later, after her tantrum. She sometimes continue to punch so she goes directly to the time-out corner (yes, we finally used this method). I guess she understood that corner means punishment so at times when she accidentally leaves her hand out of control, she would transform the gesture to a caress and lets out her sweetest smile. Smart.

Some tantrum moments:
- she doesn't want to enter the house
- she doesn't want to be taught how to hold her spoon
- she want's more baguette (french loaf)
- she doesn't want something in her possesion to be confiscated (like a big bar of chocolate, my mobile phone..)

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Christianne a dit…

Aj aj aj, Annika's never thrown a tantrum yet but I'm already dreading it!

OK ba ang Super Nanny? I've never seen an episode, but I read that she advocates cry-it-out methods to teach babies to sleep through the night. Kawawang mga bata.

Anonyme a dit…

I guess Basti is really a cool boy he never had tantrums,hmmm I guess! With Mimi OMG, now tantrums start! I guess, having tantrums is a normal thing for children (even adults is not an exception) as long as it has an end and we can take control of them !

Naku Ana, the things I don't want them to do are lying on the floor in public (puede pa sa bahay) o manakit ng ibang tao! So far, di pa naman nangyari! Kasi minsan di natin alam kung ano magiging reaction ng mga bata di ba !

Anonyme a dit…

Young as they are, they need to understand what is going to happen. Like what you said when she doesn't want to enter the house or doesn't want to give you back your cellphone, you can try telling her first what you or she is going to do. This way, she knows what is expected of her and she will be ready (hope she does) to act on it. Regarding the cellphone, try to give her a substitute toy or object that she equally likes and you trade with her. Hope this works. As for the crying, leave her be, mapapagod din siya sa kakaiyak. Just be sure though that she doesn't hurt herself.

Btw, can I add your site to my links?

Analyse a dit…

Christianne, Louna's not always into tantrum mood naman, she's generally calm.. i just wanted to chronicle how she expresses her anger right now, i know it could always change hehe.

re: super nanny. I saw some episodes but i try to filter what i want to implement at home. and most of the cases they present are really extreme cases, so expect severe punishment sometimes.

Haze, I think Basti is really cool. I see a real KUYA in him. I remember him trying to talk to Mimi so Louna could use their toys, bait no, at marunong magbisita hehe.

So far naman, Louna has thrown tantrums at home lang. We've tested bringing her near a merry-go-round and kahit gusto nya, di sya nagpipilit, di naglulupasay in public hehe..di nga umiiyak e.. with other kids, she's friendly naman. I guess she's just testing her authority over us.. kung makakalusot.. but as always, her tantrums last for a minute, not longer.. crying is not her point fort.

Julie, she's got her BIG phone toy, and I guess she saw the difference. She prefers a more techy one with less colors and sounds hehe... but as i said to Haze, her tantrums last for a minute, not more. after her tantrum, nakalimutan na kaagad nya kung bakit sya galit. cool kid.

hey, thanks for linking. i'll link you up too.. but on my hideaway where i keep my blogroll.

Heart of Rachel a dit…

I know what you mean, Yohan has his share of tantrums too. He would often get cranky especially when he is sleepy.

I guess it's really normal for children to have bouts of mood swings sometimes. When he is in a better mood, that's the time I talk to him and tell him that what he did earlier was not nice. I think it helps to talk to the child after a tantrum rather than scold him during the height of it because there is a tendency that he or she is not ready to listen.

Analyse a dit…

Rachel, yes i guess everybody has his own method of expressing himself..buti na yun kesa magmukmok sa isang tabi and you wouldn't know why di ba.

Christianne a dit…

Hehe oo nga, aside from the milestones they reached and their cute little ways we should also document how they made our lives difficult :D