Good or Bad?

Publié par Analyse à 2/19/2007 10:06:00 PM

lundi, février 19, 2007



Risk Taker.

I finally decided to see things on the lighter side. Instead of shouting at her all the time, trying to stop her silly discoveries, I just gave in to her need to explore and discover. After all, it's this way that she will learn, right?

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basti et mimi a dit…

Hahaha, good try Louna, you will see, you will learn something new everyday and pretty sure that Papa & Maman will be amazed and very proud of you! Hhhhmm fais attetention et surtout de ne pas tomber! Penser a ton equilibre :)! Yehheyyyy !!! Bravo bravo !

Jovs a dit…

Ah the wonders of discovering new things! Her tiny curls are so cute by the way!