Louna and the Bébé, Atbp

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dimanche, mars 30, 2008

When asked what's inside maman's tummy, she would answer bébé. Whether she understands what that means or not, I really can't tell. She would caress and give a kiss to the bébé every now and then. She calles her dolls bébé. She knows that little babies are bébés.

Will she be a jealous ate or will she be playing little mommy to her sister?

September. Transition time. The 2nd bébé will arrive. Ate Louna will start pre-school. She would probably change her nanny (but we're not sure yet). All complicated changes for a little toddler.


Louna's been waking us up at the wee hours of the evening lately. She's not wearing diapers anymore so she has to go to her potty or else, she would wet her bed. Even with diapers, she would wake us up anyway. So Maman and Papa thought of a wonderful solution.

They removed the protective bar from the bed and brought the potty trainer just near it. Result? Not working. She's waking us up anyway. She's actually half-sleeping when she's doing her potty at night.

The good thing about this solution is that she could go in and out of bed alone now. We're still hoping that she would do her potty alone one night, without asking Papa or Maman to accompany her, just like on daytime.


The fan.

Check out who's Louna's hero at the video below.

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feng a dit…

ang galing naman ni Louna. looks like she's getting there--to be totally potty trained and all. ganyan din ang experience namin before with Nico. hay naku, groggying at toxic yung waking up in the middle of the night just to accompany him to pee. in the middle of night potty training, minsan nga naisip ko na i postpone na lang kasi I'm dead tired to wake up pa.

but the night wakings were worth it. in less than a week, na gets na rin nya. now, he's going to the bathroom on his own. half awake, but he's conscious that he need to empty his bladder.

nakakatuwa si Louna. looks like she's really excited to be an Ate pretty pretty soon. OK lang yan, passaan ba at makaka adjust din si Little Girl. ;)

haze a dit…

I think Louna will be very kind ! Remember Ana when Mimi was hugging Laurent as in wa epek! I think most of the eldest ganon kasi Ate ko hindi rin selosa :D ! Louna understands better like my Basti when I had Mimi he was really happy to have a baby sister, though the gap is only 2 years and 3 months lang!

Ganyah talaga sa una pag walang diaper. Is the toilet far from Louna's room? Si Mimi kasi she goes alone, lapit lang kasi toilet! I have one technic Ana, before they go to bed I ask them to pee & I don't give them water or liquid drinks so far effective ;) ! Try mo!


Analyse a dit…

Feng, yeah, i think we shouldnt give up pag dumating na sila sa point na yan.. she's slowly improving now, tumatawag pa din pero pagdating ng tatay nya (hehe, daya no, ako reklamo, pero si frenchguy ang trabaho), nakababa na sya sa bed ready to pot..

Haze, i hope magiging tulad nga sya ni kuya basti.. malapit lang sa stairs yung toilet door e, takot ako na since groggy pa sya at night e dumiretso sa hagdan hehe, so we put her potty trainer near sa bed nya na lang at night.. she doesn't drink anything na din before going to bed and sya mismo punta sa toilet to pee pero wa epek :(.

Maya a dit…

oops, i just said that you should start to let her touch your tummy.She's doing it.That's great!!! Kisses to her.
don't worry if you continue on making her feel that its also her baby. no jelousy if it would comfort you, remember my 3 monsters, they don't have it.

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febeth a dit…

Your child is so cute!

Heart of Rachel a dit…

Nice to see Louna's potty training developments.