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vendredi, janvier 26, 2007

Louna, our unica hija, finally walked today, at 1 year 2 months and 18 days old. The most awaited milestone has finally been accomplished.

It started with inciting her to walk hand in hand with her favorite toy (which she call Tetite). She just had her milk so she was actually on play mode. We walked together with Tetite in the middle, me barely giving any support to her. Then, little by little, I let go of Tetite and she continued walking. At first, she wanted me to hold her toy, to which I obliged. But 3 to 5 turns of the dining-room-turned-playground after, there she was, living the new adventure on her own. Obviously happy of her new discovery.

Congratulations Louna! We're very proud of you.

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Anonyme a dit…

hello félicitation LOUNA
super nous venons de découvrir tes premiers pas.nous allons dire à papi , mami et Jean Paul de venir voir
super et encore bravo
vous êtes des petits cachetiers vous la fesiez marcher en cachette.
nous nous avons un super motard qui n'a pas de moto que pour aller chercher le pain même par grand froid il n'hésite pas à faire un petit tour.
encore bravo Les BOuyes BOuyes

Anonyme a dit…

great job louna! congratulations! narinig ko ang sigaw mo sa akin, na-excite talaga ako. ;) just got back from our friends and it's kinda late here, so balik kami bukas ni mama para manood sa mga videos mo. i can't wait nga eh, but i have to go to sleep now. take care always and bunch of kisses for you! mwaah! =)