4th Month Visit

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lundi, avril 21, 2008

Our visit to the gynecologist is always an exciting event. She's got a 3D doppler machine (or is it 4D?) so we get to see not only the black and white images, but the 3D image as well. She's even saving the images on a CD, great for sharing with family and friends.

The highlight for this month's visit is that:
- the risk for trisomy 21 is very low at 1/2308 so I won't undergo amniocentesis (risky at 1/250).
- they found the presence of nitrite on my urine analysis so I had ECBU analysis which revealed nothing alarming.
- we tried to peek on our child's gender and it seems to be a girl. Another one! To be confirmed on next month's visit. Though we preferred it to be a boy, the fact that maman and baby are healthy is more than enough to be thankful for.


Getting rounder by the day. Gained 4 kgs from the start of pregnancy, that's one kilo a month! Wow. Average gain weight at this point is 2 - 4.5 kg, needless to remind me that I'm on the borderline. I need to be more responsible. I probably need to stop sneaking on my M&M pack in my drawer. Ang sarap naman kasi.

Weight gain graph comparing 1st and 2nd pregnancy.


Heart busy pumping at 144 bpm. 17 weeks and 3 days.

So far so good. No nausea. Baby's starting to kick left and right. Papa, a bit disappointed, but supportive as ever. Louna, a promising doting ate starts to practice feeding and changing diapers with her doll.

Life is good.

Link to Louna's pre-natal visit at 4th month.

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Anonyme a dit…

Mabuti naman all is normal, iwas grignoter kaya si mommy tumataba hala ka heheh pero ok lang si baby gutom guro lagi..GOd bless and I wish you a good health both of you!

duke a dit…

the fact that you and the bub are healthy is already a very good thing,.

I just love those 3d photos. When I was preggers, the doctor would take photos every time we go for out monthly check up. I vowed to make an album compilation of it but up to now, it's still a work in process.

uy! another fille! we'll you won't be too sure until the next visit so hubby can still hope ;)

ScroochChronicles a dit…

Glad to know that everything is normal. Sana kamukha din ni Louna yung baby :D

lovelyn a dit…

May pag-asa pa...baka lalaki hehehe. During my pregnancies, I can't really eat. Alang lasa lahat ng food. How I wish its still so this time para naman makapagreduce aketch, pero ala, sarap talaga kumain e. Samahan mo pa nga ng M&M, hay naku.

Enjoy the previlages of pregnancy(lol). Extra care Analyse and stay happy!

Makis a dit…

Congrats to another baby girl! A healthy maman & baby is what's really important! Mag one M&M's ka nalang a day :)

geri a dit…

I remember looking forward to these OB visits. Take care maman!

raqgold a dit…

i always bring my hubby during these visits, ayaw nya rin pahuli e :D

Maya a dit…

that's good to know. healthy kayong dalawa.Ingat sa sweets mo.
kisses na rin kay Louna.

Anonyme a dit…

M&Ms, sarap no. Kung me mangga lang sana dyan..Oopps, sorry po :)

Ingat. I love those photos in your sidebar with Louna kissing your tummy.


haze a dit…

Sex is secondary health is primary :D ! Ayaw mo nyan the third will probably a boy LOL ! Goodluck Ana and take it easy, bawal ang mapagod !

Anonyme a dit…

Marichu, thanks. At least I could go on with eating a lot without really feeling guilty, lol.

duke, lol, i hate waiting for another day to finish the task. I end up not doing it at all.. so pag naisip ko na, i do it at once.
hmmm, i checked Louna's prenatal check-up, and at the same period, we knew it was a girl na, and it didn't change after. but anyways, health is the most essential, right. and hey, dalawa na kaya magiging manika ko sa bahay, saya!
ScroochChronicles, you mean, kamukha ko? lol.

lovelyn, don't ya worry, taking advantage to the max ;)
Makis, hmmm, e yung nasa drawer ko, big pack of more than half a kilo e :(. hirap mag-resist.
geri, me too.

raqgold, si frenchguy din, sus hehe.
Maya, thanks ma-dear.

julie, meron din ;). from Peru. same taste ng apple mango, pede na pagtyagaan hehe..

haze, waaaaaaaaaah. last na to! hirap kaya..e ikaw muna kaya mag-third hehe.

Abigail a dit…

ingat palagi! and i-enjoy ang pagiging buntis its' a full 9 months na masusunod lahat ng gusto :)

Heart of Rachel a dit…

I'm happy to know that you and the baby are doing great.

Nung time ni Yohan, wala pang 3D doppler machine sa clinic ng OB ko. I think that would be a great keepsake.

I'm sure Louna is very excited to be an ate.