Deux Ans et Démi

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samedi, mai 17, 2008

She Utters Thoughtfulness

Attention (Careful) Papa/Maman - She always reminds us to be careful while driving especially when we suddenly break or swerve and she feels the impact.

Ecoute (Listen) Maman - We were in a department store when suddenly, the song New Soul was aired. She stopped and told me Ecoute Maman while pointing on her ear. It's our ritual to listen to the radio inside the car every morning on our way to the nanny. And when it's my favorite song on air, I tell her Ecoute Louna, c'est le favoris de Maman (Listen Louna, that's Maman's favorite). She in fact registered my favorite songs.

Calin (to give a kiss and a cuddle to somebody) - She claims a moment of tenderness every now and then. She's becoming sweeter by the day. And that's not exclusive to us, she does calin to her toys and even to her rabbit bootee.

A Real Chatterbox

And she demands attention. During conversations with families or friends, she would catch our attention by going at the center then she would start singing Ta ta poisson dans l’eau, nage, nage, dans l’eau.

And notice how she switched the rhyme to Twinkle, twinkle little star, kulit!

Or in a funnier way. She would imitate the sound of a pig and she would say cochon.

She says her name and age too. But she says deux ans et demi now (2 and a half years old), the vid is quite obsolete. Just check on how she shows with her fingers how old she is. Now, she would voluntarily tell her age even if it's not her being asked but other kids.

She would voluntarily tell to a stranger (like the fish vendor in a supermarket, for example) that Maman, bébé, ventre (Maman, baby, tummy) while pointing to my tummy.

Now, she even goes further. I bought a Dora activity book where Dora presents her baby brother and sister. So that same night, I read the story to her explaining that she too will have a baby sister. The next day, she was already telling her nanny non-stop that bébé (pe)tite soeur (little baby sister).

This morning, she told bébé tite soeur again on the phone to her auntie (hope she didn't understand) and just this afternoon at the supermarket, to a vendor of hair dryers.

We can’t keep any secret anymore, me thinks.

She’s Independent

Je vais le faire. Toute seule. (I will do it. Alone.) That’s her favourite phrase now when she’s dressing up, serving a glass of water, washing her hands, etc. It’s great, alright. But morning rituals became longer because she wants to do everything alone!

She’s a Traveller

We drove quite a number of kilometres during our vacation in Italy but guess what? It was a breeze. She was sleeping most of the time or talking to our friend who spent a few days of vacation with us.

Visiting the city was not a problem because she likes walking or pushing her stroller around. She’s not picky with food. She’s not grouchy inside a restaurant. She’s got another notion of tourism though. She would rather feed the pigeons and run after them afterwards, or cuddle the dogs, or smell and pick some flowers, or collect eggs from the farm.

We wrote her name and contact info on her shoes though. There were just too much people and we didn't know how we could trace her back in case she's lost or we're lost. Writing on a piece of paper wasn't that handy as she didn't have a pocket all the time. We just explained to her that just in case, tell other people about her shoes. Thankfully, we never had to use it.

One funny thing though. She saw this ad and she immediately asked C’est Louna ça? (Is that Louna?). Taas ng ambisyon ng anak ko.
Magkamukha ba?

Ninja, The Bad Toy

During our stay at the seaside in Italy, she found a Ninja Turtle on the sand. And she decided to keep it with her. Disaster. Once it got inside the car, the Ninja started to bite the hand of one of her dolls (of course, she's doing it - putting the hands of the doll on the mouth of Ninja). The doll in return pushed Ninja. So Ninja and the little doll went to the corner alternately. Then Ninja started to bite Louna too. It was a bad toy.

And the role of the parents? We were obliged to talk to Ninja and the doll, plus bring them to the corner (in one part of the car) all the time during the duration of the travel. That’s pretty sweet at the start but it became tiring in the end especially when there’s Louna at the backseat being grouchy. She was taking her created story to heart.

Just funny that all her toys are kind and cuddly for her while her found Ninja has been tagged as a bad one. It’s resting somewhere now, with the agreement of Louna. It created a bad ambiance among her toys so better back off.

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tintin a dit…

OOH, hey she can be a model if she wants to right? hehehe...belated Happy Mother's Day to you too Ana.

raqgold a dit…

well, she looks better, the asian touch, dear :D MC was the same age as louna when i was preggy with IC -- she knew that we would be having a baby girl but we kept the gender a secret to everybody. she never said anything to anyone, secret talaga. and though she knows we are calling the baby IC already, she dont do that when somebody's around, hehe

Keith a dit…

Your pictures are adorable, and your sharing is wonderful... Merci. Salamat.... Keep writing. Happy blogging to you.

Francesca a dit…

ana, if all babies are cute and wise like louna, I will "force" or "trick" Lolo to have one.
Para me kapatid na si cheeky, hehehe.
what do you think?

Heart of Rachel a dit…

It's nice to see Louna's wonderful milestones. I think it's so sweet that she wants everyone to know, even strangers about the baby in your tummy.

Maya a dit…

she is really growing beautifully.Nothing else to say but i do enjoy all her candidness on the videos you have been posting.
The putting name on her shoes is really a great idea.
Kisses to Ate Louna. Sophia always enjoy seeing louna's photo in my computer.

Analyse a dit…

Tintin, same to you. lol, i don't know why she thought it was her, as in each time she sees the add, she was consistent, sya daw i took a picture haha.. stage mom.

Raqgold, hmmm, mukhang tsismosa nga tong anak ko, she's really insisting, like if she thinks you didn't understand what she's saying, she would even place her hand on my tummy to convince you.. hmmm,, so now, i need to teach her the notion of secret..

Keith, thanks ;).

Francesca, lol, sige, sundan na si cheeky hehehe..

Rach, yeah, really sweet, just wondering, tsismosa nga yata tong anak ko haha..

Maya, she's so candid, talkative, makulit na din.. hay, kanino kaya to nagmana? really wondering, lol.

haze a dit…

For us parents it's really satisfying when our kids are learning at their own rhythm. I can see Louna learns fast at her age. I am sure she's ready to be an ATE :D. Very smart, teka kanino nagmana ?

Louna is prettier ;)! This is not a compliment but an honest opinion ;).

Analyse a dit…

Haze, hmmm, you'll really get exclusive attention from Louna with that kind of comment lol.. so imagine this:

louna kinakalabit si tita haze, once nagkatinginan, louna saying, nina (that's how it sounds for now), deux ans et demi (with hands raised showing her two fingers).. and then followed by, regarde, ta ta poisson dans l'eau.. and on with the music, lol..


chuching a dit…

that baby picture of her is my favorite! sarap kurutin ng pisngi! cutie cute cute! :)

MyGoodfFinds a dit…

Hi Analyse,
Ang cute talaga! I love her features: eyes and sun kissed cheeks :) , she is more lovely than that doll.

Analyse a dit…

Chuching and KK, ;).

geri a dit…

The ninja bit is hilarious. What an imagination.

I love the name inside shoes idea. Makopya nga kay Evan.