5th Month Visit, Mother's Day, etc..

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dimanche, mai 25, 2008

So it's confirmed. The lil bunny is a little girl. She's weighing 530 g at 22 weeks of pregnancy. I had the second echography last Friday, May 23, and everythings seems to be A-ok. Here's her first portrait:
She's becoming more and more active lately, kicking here and there and turning upside down. I saw the culprit. Look at that long leg kicking Maman non-stop.

It actually became an everyday routine to wait for her to kick me. That's a sign of life. I start to know when she's awake or not. She's particularly busy just after every meal, she's a gourmande in the making too.

I start to feel her weight too. Or should I say our weight? Sleeping became difficult as I wake up each time I change position. I start to have backaches too! I think the inconvenients of the 3rd trimester start to weigh on me. Poor me. But hey, only 4 months to go and I'll be with my lil girl. Louna's getting excited too.

Look at how round I am! Oh by the way, to those Mommies who wowed me on my 4th month portrait for not having any stretch marks, I actually have them. Not that visible yet, but I assure you, I'm not spared!

Bonne Fête, Maman!

Today is Mother's Day here in France. Louna arrived with a gift which she bought with her Papa last night. After greeting me Bonne Fef, Maman (that's how she pronounced it), she immediately asked Il est où, bonbon, Maman? (Where's my candy, Maman?)

She's apparently bribed to greet me on Mother's Day!

The picture above shows another gift which she gave me this morning. She did it with her nanny.

Link: Louna's pre-natal check-up at the same period.

Salad Eater

She loves tomatoes and she likes eating salad with me (for my dose of vitamins and folic acid!). Oh, and she loves salad sauce too!

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feng a dit…

first off, a Happy happy Mother's Day to you Mommy Analyse! bribed or not, hearing Louna greeting you on the special day for mothers sure completes you!

and congrats for the hurdling through halfway of being preggo. how time flies! next thing you'll know, you're already holding in your arms the newest addition in the family--baby girl! ;)

ScroochChronicles a dit…

high five!! pareho na tayong may all-girl policy..hehehe :D

haze a dit…

Wow I admire Louna for eating tomatoes and salad! My kids are not a fresh veggie eater :(, they only eat salad at the canteen (ayaw sa bahay) ! They eat mixed vegetable(s) soup, ok na rin di ba ;)!

Wow sexy naman ni Maman Analyse, and even if it's a girl as long as the baby 's healthy! No pressure, the third one will be a baby boy :D !!!

gail a dit…

yey! congratulations sa baby girl. mag ingat palagi. :) btw, do you have a name na?

megamomph a dit…

Wow, cute another girl! The face looks a lot like Louna's.
I love the photo of Louna kissing the tummy. What great fun! Sisters!

JO a dit…

wow! that's a really nice picture of your baby! stay safe!