4th Month

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mercredi, juin 15, 2005

Maman: 50.8 kg
Bébé: 16.5 weeks, heartbeat = 154 bpm

Doc Gynéco finally announced the due date, it will be on November 24 (I thought it's on November 17, anyways), a winter baby under the sign of Sagittarius, to be born on the year of the rooster. Laurent and I were kinda excited with this visit as both of us are hoping to eventually know the gender of petit Bourcier. So Doc Gynéco tried to verify this point and it seems that our petit Bourcier is actually une petite Bourcier, to be confirmed of course on our next visit which will be next month.

Contrary to our last visit, petite Bourcier was very active today, she developed a lot from the last time too. She's long and lean which is normal, as Doc Gynéco assured us. Another good news is that I have no risk of Trisomie 21, a real good news, the result was 1/717 which is far from the limit identified at 1/250. That means that I don't have to undergo amniocentesis.

My tummy is getting bigger and bigger each day. But as some says, I'm lucky as the weight I'm gaining is concentrated on my belly and not anywhere else. But hey, I'm just on my 4th month, still a long way to go before the D Day!

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