16th Week

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jeudi, juin 02, 2005

I'm quite overwhelmed by how fast time flies. Already on the 16th week, I'm almost halfway to the D Day, and my little baby starts to show his existence to the whole world, pushing my big belly out.

Today, I received an important phone call from Doc Gynéco to convey to me the good news. The result of the last blood test to detect the risk of Trisomie 21 showed that I have 1/717 probability of risk, limit of which was fixed to 1/250. That would mean that I wouldn't have to undergo amniosynthesis. That also means that my baby is healthy and perfectly normal.

Funny how wishes change once a mother becomes pregnant. At first, every father would want a boy, mother, a girl. Now that its my turn, regardless of the sex, first and foremost, I want him to be healthy and normal. With the result, we could certainly sleep with tranquility.

Just perfect!

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