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samedi, avril 19, 2008

I knew she's got the potential. I saw it. And I was quite sure of it. I talk pretty much. And so does Papa. An apple tree bears apple fruits, no mystery.

She's been trying to communicate at an earlier age. Though not clearly, she's nonetheless able to express what's in her mind and get what she wants most of the time. A mix of baby talk and body language are this girl's secret.

Here's some tricks and phrases of the moment:

Me trying to play Dora the Explorer DVD on my SIL's computer, but the computer was only able to read sounds without the images. Then there was Louna, playing narrator to her grandparents, auntie and cousins started:

Meow.. dans l'eau.. il pleure.. Diego.. il fait calin.
Meow (the little jaguar) .. fell on the water.. it's crying.. Diego.. cuddled him.

In trying to help her wear her shoes, or anything for that matter:

Je vais le faire.
I will do it.

In trying to accompany her to her potty, to her room, etc..

Reste là.
Stay there.

In trying to push her to eat something:

Aime pas ça.
I don't like that.

If she did a mistake:

Oh no! (With Dora accent please!)

In trying to help me or Papa finish our yoghurt:

Aider Maman?
Can I help you Maman?

The way she expresses herself just shows how independent she had become. My baby is a big girl now.

3 commentaires:

Maya a dit…

Oh my god, she is a big girl now & still haven't seen her.
I see you in her, Ana."the kaya ko 'to ,no?" attitude of you. It's good that she handle things in her own way.

julie a dit…

Yes, she definitely is growing older and bigger. Sometimes, its wishful thinking, sana baby na lang sila forever :)

haze a dit…

I think Louna is practicing the "I can do attitude" because she knows she's going to be an Ate soon ;)! Good girl.