Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

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jeudi, avril 14, 2005

12 April

The D Day, when everybody in our entourage was informed about the great news. Everybody was of course happy to know that I’ll be arriving soon. I guess they were even impatient to see me.

Papa, as usual did the announcement in a unique way. He sent my 3D photo thru fax to Mamie and Papi, but hélas, they weren’t able to guess it at once.

He then sent 4 hints thru SMS to my cousins Louise and Martin. (mon premier mange avec la bouche fermée. on ne recommande pas la viande saignante à mon second. mon troisième nage pendant des mois sans respirer. mon premier, mon second et mon troisième ne font qu’un dont le cœur bat très fort !) Chantal, my aunt was able to decode it at once. Great! Louise wants une fille while Martin wants un garcon! Jean Paul, my uncle, had a puzzle thru email. And he was happy to hear the great news too!

Jean Paul: Salut à tous les deux,
J'ai réarrangé le puzzle du mieux que j'ai pu mais ce n'est pas facile à partir du moment où le fond des morceaux n'est pas transparent !
Je devine que c'est une échographie d'Ana du 11/04/2005 et comme j'imagine que ce n'est pas un calcul rénal, j'en conclus que vous avez une bonne nouvelle à annoncer !
Bravo donc et c'est pour quand ?A+, JP

Maman, on the other hand was not so extraordinary on her announcements, she just sent emails to her family and friends plus text messages to Mommy Arit to which she responded at once, at 2am phil time!

Look, everybody’s excited to see me. Aside from phonecalls, I have a list of email messages which I want documented so I could savour the moment anytime when I'm older. The news was all over the world, hey, am I that famous?

From the Philippines
Mommy Arit : TY God. Ingat ka lagi. Tuwa kami lahat dito.
My Nasty Tita Denden: wow, sino ang ama? (Papa was always in Thailand when I was conceived, my loko tita!)
Tita Jean : ANA congrats!!!
Tita Maribel: Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you.
Tita Jelyn: congrats .... akalain mo may ovary ka pala..joke..grabe i am hapi for u mareng frend..pag artistahin mo dito sa pinas ha! congrats to u and laurent....
Tita Gina: ana, congrats!!!pasensya na babago lang ako ng check ng emails ko...basta ingat lang lagi...
Tito Ran: oi insan ana congrats ha. lola na c tya aret.hehe
Tita Lea: Congrats ana! Ilang months na!

From Qatar
Tita Aldine
: wow!congats...hope to c u soon! (yes, tita aldine will soon meet me here in france!)

From Japan
Tita Haze: Ana!!!Grabe!!! Congrats!!!

From US
Tita Mitch: wow,it's your turn mare... congrats!!!!!!!!!!! u're gonna' be a mom soon!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you and laurent...!!!!!!!!!!!!! yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tito Osep: congrats ana, isa lang ang maipapayo ko: breastfeeding is still best for babies...
Tita Joy: Congrats! the soon to be mommy Ana.....
Tito Mar: Lagi kang tumingin sa salamin at ng maging kamukha ni h. Berry ang baby
Tita Grace: Ana, CONGRATS!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!
Tita Rhona: OMIGOSH>>i didnt have to zoom it!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tita Lauren and Tito Richard: WOW,,, thats blessing
Lola Liza: congrats! di ka pala baog.. hehe
Tita Rhona and Tita Eve: Ana....from the bottom of me and your "lamo's Heart" congrats sa inyo ni Laurent..wow im sure he's excited...!! I wanna hear more preggy stories huh.....
Tita Eleanor: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww congratssssssssssssssssssssss. Grabe nakakatuwa naman. Im very excited to see your baby. You take extra care now okay for you and the baby. Update us sa happennings okay. Congratulations Im so happy for you.

From Mexico
Tita RosaMaria : Je suis vraiment contente d´entendre cette nouvelle, c´est super!!!

From Canada
Tita Meanne: balitaan mo naman ako asap. excited na excited na ako eh hehe!!!

From Europe
Tita Leng: Click here. Too kind this tita, she even sent me an electronic greeting card!
Tita Emily: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FELICITATIONS!!!!!!!!! galing galing galing, magiging Maman ka na!!
Tita TinTin : congratulations ana.....take care!
Tita Addi: CONGRATS ,Ana!!! grabe na to. lahat ng field ofwork angkin mo na.Welcome to motherhood, mama!!!!
Tita Ayeen: anaaaaa!!!! sa wakas!... hahahaha... now, you're going to> be a mother, the hardest> but the best job position in the world
Tita Lourdes: Congratulations Ana! Simula na talaga...
Tito Yves: Je suis content pour vous, c'est super d'avoir un bébé

And lastly, from my maman’s blog community. Whoah!

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