April 11, 2005, 18h45

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mardi, avril 12, 2005

Me : 48.7 kg (+ 1.40 kg from last visit)

My Future Buddy: 2.5 cm and growing, 8.5 weeks old

New Info: Start of Pregnancy : 24 Fev 2005

It was my first visit with Laurent and surely, the emotions were there. Unlike the first time where I almost saw nothing, this time, I even heard my future buddy's heartbeat, pumping at 171 bps, whoah! I guess he was happy to see us too! I saw him move a bit, there was a sudden rush of unexplained emotions when I saw that magic moment. There was life in there, huh!

shhh, he's just there watching, observing, listening: preparing himself to see the outside world.

In the image above, we could almost distinguish his eyes, his hands and feet are starting to develop too, we could barely see them on the pictures though.

Another blood and urine analysis were asked, routine check-up, ya know. I was prescribed to take Iron supplements too. Okidoki.

We had the green light from the gynecologist for the pregnancy declaration to the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales, a government organization which assures financial aide to all families in function of their ressources, and another one to the Social Security Service. That would mean that all my expenses from consultation, to the medicines up to the D Day will be taken cared of by these two organizations, well, the government. All I have to do is to take care of myself and the baby, isn't life cool?

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