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dimanche, avril 03, 2005

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Me: Height: 1.65 m, Weight: 47.3 kg

My Future Buddy: still too early to have his exact age

Last Menstruation: February 10, 2005

Highlight 1: My future buddy's first photo!

Highlight 2: Always hungry so i always have a stock of caramel inside my drawer. At 7pm, you could see me on the sofa while the TV watches me. Are these the first signs of pregnancy?

Well, first diagnostic was that I wasn't immunized against toxoplasmose (toxoplasmosis). In consequence, I have a list fixed on my refrigerator door on what I should and shouldn't do. To sum it up, I should stop drinking any kind of alcohol, stop eating half-cooked viands, more so with uncooked sea shells, wash thoroughly all kinds of fruits and vegetables and peel them in preference, I have to disinfect the kitchen as often as possible, I have to wash my hands every meal, and I have to avoid touching the soil. Oh well, there are still some other stuffs I guess that are not so pertinent in my case, so I don't list them here. Oh my, I didn't imagine it to be this complicated. Ok, let the disinfection begin!

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