8th Week

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mercredi, avril 06, 2005

It will be my 8th week tomorrow and life has not been so kind with me. Every afternoon, after work, para akong nauupos na kandila (o overacting phycholological effect lang?). I feel very weak and very cold and very hungry. And Laurent, kulit as he is, just couldn't understand why i stay immovable and completely submerged inside my duvet on our living room sofa, more so, with the TV switched on but my eyes closed. Hay naku, ang mga lalaki nga naman.

If I were lazy before, I'm double lazy now. Yesterday, I asked Laurent if I could go with him at the same time, pati kasi pagdadrive, kinatatamaran ko, and bakit hindi, we're both working in the same area, magkaiba lang ng building. Ang mokong, after work, he wen't home alone, nakalimutan ang beauty ko. So I took the bus instead, oh well. I took my car this morning.

This morning, I had some tiny blood spots, but it stopped naman kagad. I hope it's just nothing.

Tomorrow, I will have to prepare a solvent-based chemical solution. Kasi naman dito, engineers ang nagpreprepare, not the technicians. I asked my boss to help me, I'm doubting tuloy if I have to tell him na or not. He might find it weird that I'll take all the necessary safety precautions. Bahala na!

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