Kyla Turns 1 Month Old

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vendredi, octobre 24, 2008

Kyla has turned 1 month old this week and yet, it seems like nothing has changed in her behaviour. She still cries quite a lot and claims her milk almost every 2 hours during daytime. The thing is, she sleeps once she's breasfed inspite of the constant stimulation I do to wake her up. As a result, she's not taking enough milk making her grouchy all the time. It's really hard to lie her down on her bed without waking her up after breastfeeding.

Night behaviour is another story tho. She sleeps 5 hours straight after her feeding at around 10pm. That, is a good point.

She had her appointment with the pediatrician yesterday. She now measures 57.5 cm long and weighs 4.2 kg. Everything is normal, as what her pediatrician confirmed.

Jealousy is one thing we had been dealing with difficulty since the arrival of Kyla in our lives. Louna had apparently changed behaviour at school - from a joyful toddler to a pensive child. She seems to be lost and thinks about something else all the time, giving less focus on school activities. We had observed a certain change at home too. She became demanding and dependent - a real change from a totally independent Louna who wanted to do everything on her own.

It pains me to see her being scolded by me and her Papa. Never in her life had she cried and been scolded this much. If only I could take whatever suffering she has right now, I would certainly do.

With this, I just decided to start mixing between breast and bottle feeding so I could have more time to take care of my Louna. It will allow them to participate in rearing Kyla as well. I hope this decision will bring back my joyful and independent Louna.

Class picture 2008. Louna is the only kid with a sad and serious face. This is taken a day after the birth of Kyla.

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Christianne a dit…

Oh no, if the independent Louna was affected this way, paano pa kaya ang clingy kong anak :( hope the sibling jealousy passes soon. Siguro when Kyla's laughing and crawling, Louna will start seeing her as a playmate and not as a rival :)

May naisip ako, baka makatulong kung sa school si Louna mag-lunch? Baka nagseselos siya kasi dalawang beses siyang hinahatid sa school tapos umuuwi ka kasama ang baby... baka mas hindi niya maiisip kung isang beses lang siya ihatid, sa umaga lang, at kung si Pappa ang maghatid? Just an idea...

Anonyme a dit…

oh my, nakasimangot si louna sa class pic niya. ang cute pa naman dapat kaso why the face?

i have a friend who is going through the same stage (wife just recently gave birth and his son is almost 3yrs old). hirap nga daw kasi when their attention is on the new baby, the son would be suddenly makulit and asking for attention. what they do is always include him in their activities (like they tell him to get the milk, diaper, etc). that way, hindi feeling excluded yung older kid.

take care and hope louna gets back to her old self soon :)

Anonyme a dit…

I think jealousy is normal but it doesn't mean they don't like each other. When I had Mimi, Basti is really appreciative as in walang selos. Nge, nayon pa lang nagseselosan pero si Mimi lang talaga. Although, it rarely happens...very rare. Mas nagseselos sila pag ibang bata. So courage, it will pass !

Anonyme a dit…

oi sweet ate yang si ate louna mo ha.cute nilang dalawa ni kyla.sabi asawa ko gusto na daw nyang magka anak kami para daw me mga cuties kami sa haus tulad ng mga treasures mo jan ngayon. ate na ate na talaga si louna

IA. a dit…

*Hugs* for Louna, and the mommy too who's having to deal with sibling jealousy. I guess it's just normal for the big sis to feel that way kasi di na siya ang center of the universe ng mommy niya.

tintin a dit…

Oh oh, la petite fille doesn't look happy in the pic even.

I think this is very normal. All will settle into a routine soon between Louna and her lil sis.

I can't wait to have another one and see how Mina will deal with that.