Louna's Bday & Kyla's Milestone

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samedi, novembre 08, 2008

It's Louna's 3rd birthday today and it's also the 3rd time she blew her candles for this special day. She celebrated her birthday with the family last week. Then with her teacher and classmates yesterday. Today, she blew her candles with her nanny.

On her 3rd birthday, she promised to be kind because otherwise, Santa Claus or Père Nöel as they call him here won't be giving her gifts this Christmas. Good deal. Let's see if she could hold her promise till Christmas.

Kyla on the otherhand had been sleeping straight since two nights now. At the first night, she was able to hold 7 hours without asking for milk. We woke her up at 6am to nurse her. Even second time parents are still afraid of leaving their kids sleeping that long for the first time. At the second night, meaning this night, she was able to hold for 9 long hours! Whoa! That, is a milestone! Congratulations Kyla!

So what's the trick? Well, I have started mixing between breast and bottle feeding, right? I introduce bottles once or twice a day since she's a month old. But since two nights ago, I give her a bottle at around 10:30pm and that knocks her out till sunrise.

Another change is that, I let her sleep in her bed now. Since she arrived at home, she always slept with me on our bed as she's being breastfed. It's more convenient for everybody. I nurse her twice, around 3am and 6am without waking up even Papa who sleeps in the same bed as us. I think we're synchronized. We wake up at the same time so even before she cries and claim for her milk, the boob is already jacked in her mouth, lol.

So who says she'll get bad habits in sleeping in the same bed as her mom? She didn't say anything when I tucked her in bed last night.

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Anonyme a dit…

Belated Happy Birthday Louna :) Time sure flies by so fast and you are growing up to be a very sweet and beautiful girl.

Kyla's sleep pattern is amazing. And her smile looks sweet. Hmmm...pa-hug nga sa mga babies :)

Anonyme a dit…

belated happy birthday to louna!! wow, she's 3 na! i've been reading about her before she turned one ata. how time flies!

i love the picture of kyla laughing! and without teeth! katuwa! :)

tintin a dit…

Happy Birthday Louna!!!! (Tell me she cannot be three! already!)


As for Kyla, wow 9 hrs. straight. I envy that. Mina until about 2 months ago, never slept more than 5 hours straight. Then it was nursing time and sleep again. I feel much more rested now thank Goodness.