Louna’s Baby Sister Is Here !

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mercredi, octobre 01, 2008

The long wait is over. Kyla finally decided to join us on the 22nd of September, 2008. She weighs 3.7 kg and measures 54 cm. Yes, as big as Louna, just 200 grams lighter. She’s being breastfed so she requires Maman’s presence almost every 2-3 hours. She had been monopolizing our time since we went home last Saturday but she’s more cooperative today, allowing us to do other chores than taking care of her. She’s currently sleeping so I have the time to gather my scattered thoughts and put them into writing.

Kyla’s Birth Story

We had a short walk around the park the day before. Louna was with her bike and I jokingly told her that at the speed she’s taking, it will never induce my labor. Then arriving at home, I helped L to fix our wallpaper. It was on purpose to induce labor naturally.

At 6:30 am the next day, I woke up with an excruciating, almost unbearable pain. I woke up L and told him that this must be it. We counted the regular contractions and in less than 10 minutes, we knew it was D Day. He hurriedly took his shower and busied himself preparing the remaining necessary stuffs to bring at the maternity clinic. I took my shower during that time, with a lot of difficulty of course.

At 7 am, Louna was already awake. We took our breakfast together and explained her that she will take her lunch at school and stay there the whole day. The school nursery opens at 7:30 am so a few minutes after that, Louna was already at school. It was the nanny who fetched her from school that day. She then stayed at the nanny’s place for the night.

We arrived at the maternity clinic at exactly 8 am. I was hurriedly examined and surprise! I was already 10 cm dilated. I was then transferred immediately at the delivery room. They asked me if I still wanted the epidural but since I was already 10 cm dilated and I knew that actual giving birth is nothing compared to contraction pains, I finally declined that option. I chose the side-lying position as I was too tired and too much in pain to try the semi-sitting position. Well, at least that was what I felt during that particular time.

At 8:40 am, my water bag was pierced. I pushed at each contraction and I could actually feel the baby coming. There was a little pause once the head was out since the umbilical cord was around her neck. The OB cut it at once and the delivery proceeded normally afterwards. I was even the one who took her out completely from my womb, taking her out and putting her on my chest. Isn’t that lovely?

At exactly 9:15 am, Kyla was already out and I didn’t suffer from episiotomy. Talking about fast and effective delivery!

A Delivery That Was Almost Perfect

Minutes after delivery, after they cleaned and examined Kyla, they brought her back to us so I could start breastfeeding. But the little girl wasn’t really hungry. She was calm and quiet – so adorable and looked remarkably the same as Louna.

I, on the other hand continued bleeding and my uterus refused to contract. They did a series of massage but each time they stopped, the bleeding continued forming blood clots inside my uterus. They then injected anaesthesia so they could examine if any part of placenta was left inside. Nothing.

They continued massaging my tummy making it real painful, as painful as the contractions. They also added 2 more perfusions, one to induce contractions, another for supplements, I think. They explained that if bleeding continues, they will be obliged to transfer me to the hospital for further interventions.

True enough, at 4 pm, I was transported to the hospital by an ambulance. They again examined me, checked my uterus, massaged my tummy and injected God-knows-what. At that time, I was already too tired and hardly conscious. I wasn’t allowed to take not even a drop of water.

After their intervention, I was again transported by an ambulance to another department, Radiology department. There, some veins of my uterus were apparently plugged to stop bleeding. The worst consequence of this kind of problem is the total removal of the uterus to which I was luckily spared.

At 2 am, I was transported back to my room, allowed to take dinner with the help of L and drink gallons of water. Whew!

That day, probably more than 20 people saw that most intimate part of me at its most unglamorous state. But I didn’t care. All I wanted was to get over and done with it so I could be with my family the soonest possible time.

I was back at the maternity clinic the next day, free from any complications. With the amount of blood I lost, I was lucky not to take any blood transfusion tho my hemoglobin count went down to 8 (normal is 12 – 16).

I was separated from my daughter for about 24 hours. Everybody in the clinic commended me for my courage to continue breastfeeding inspite that experience. I was supposed to be tired. The sole inconvenience I have right now is an allergy I got from one of the medicines they injected to me during the operation – my arms, back and tummy are itchy!!

And Life Goes On…

Louna is happy to have her little sister, even asking to hold her and give her the bottle. There are bouts of jealousy here and there but not at a worrying level. We take extra careful tho not to focus all our attention to Kyla. Balance is something we need to master at this particular moment. L is on paternity leave this week which helps a lot especially right now when Kyla has no fixed schedule yet. Organization at home starts to be settled little by little. It will be a long journey till we get back to our normal schedule. Nights are shorter and nap opportunities are too rare to be grabbed.

And all that .. is part of parenthood. These angels worth all the efforts and sleepless nights.

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Anonyme a dit…

congratulations analyse! the after the labor part sounded scary, natakot tuloy ako!

kyla is so big! and such a cutie. indeed, she does look like louna!

take care and enjoy! :)

tintin a dit…

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! What a wonderful birth story. Beautiful name. I love her little smile.

Ahuhu, I want another bebe!

feng a dit…

Congratulations Mommy Analyse and to Frenchguy and Ate Louna!

Kyla is a very beautiful name! I agree with Chung, she looks just like Louna.

never mind the sleepless nights. it's just a phase. you'll soon get used to it. :)

Anonyme a dit…

Oh, Ana, congratulations.

As I was reading this, I was afraid for you but you pulled through well and I am thankful that you did.

You Kyla is beautiful, as lovely as Louna.

Rest well and enjoy your time with your new baby. I love the smell of newborn babies. Pa-hug na lang kay Kyla :)

CLC Fashion a dit…

hi analyse! she's a big baby huh and her name is cute!
So you gave birth naturally...it's wonderful right? kahit medyo scary to think the continues bleeding. I remembered my husband mas sya ang naunang nagcollapsed lol

Glad it's over and your bouncing baby is finally here! Congrats again.
Now it's my turn to wait...i want 'till the full term and with natural labor again but i hope it would'nt be too long for me to wait..hihi

Christianne a dit…

Wow congrats!! Nakakatakot yung after-delivery part of the story, buti na lang it didn't lead to them taking the last resort. And yup, bawal ang hiya-hiya pag nanganganak, anyway whatever happens the doctors and midwives have seen it a million times before :)

Rest and enjoy your new bundle of joy!

pinaymuminoz a dit…

hi mare...u know by heart that i enjoy reading ur blog more than anything else pero natakot ako dun ha!! OMG!!! alam mo naman ako si laking Inang, grabe ang tapang mo ha!! kinabahan talaga ako parang gusto ko na mag pa CS ulit...

Shalimar a dit…

congratulations ana.... cute kyla...

Anonyme a dit…

Wow, wow, wow!
Moi aussi, I want another baby!
My God, Analyse, she looks very much like Louna, as though baby pics ni Louna ang tinitingnan ko. :-) They're soooo cute together!

Félicitations aux heureux parents!!!

biz a+

Anonyme a dit…

congratulations to you, F and Louna. welcome--Kyla (beautiful name), a lovely gift from God.

your delivery was seamless, but your post-delivery was kinda scary, but you were very brave. it is one of a real experience of what our elders say that every time we mothers give birth "nasa hukay ang isang paa".

yup--that is the essence of motherhood. super God bless.

Francesca a dit…

With your offsprings beautiful as mommy, I wonder, despite the scary delivery, a third will soon to come. hihihi.

Ana, ang gaganda ng lahi mo. Saka french yan ha. Black hair. Yan ang mga kinagigiliwan sa europe.

We wish you a good rest and health.

Si Louna na ngayun aasikaso ng ibang household work!

geri a dit…

Ana, my first impression was Kyla (I love the name) looked so much like Louna at that age too. Reading your labor story (I love the taking Kyla right after birth yourself) and seeing Louna's happy face, unaware of the complications you went through, makes us want to have our kids innocent from all the pains in the world forever. Congratulations Ana, remember to take care of yourself first!

Anonyme a dit…

Ang cute nilang tingnan! Inggit ako! :(

Congrats sis!

haze a dit…

She's like Louna's twin ha :D ! Congratulations to a growing family. Take care Ana. BTW, my niece name is Kyla ang ganda :D !

Anonyme a dit…

Aaaawwww! Congrats Ana! Great pictures! thanks for sharing.

raqgold a dit…

congratulations! the world is more beautiful with another lovely girl like kyla. giving birth is always an adventure, am glad you are okay now. when i gave birth to IC, I didnt experience labor pains such that those pains came to me after giving birth, not easy but having the girls with made it feel like a breeze! enjoy!

Anonyme a dit…

congrats, Ana!

another cute blessing to dot on too!

Analyse a dit…

Chung, it's a rare case naman daw, risk is quite low.. but im really glad that everything went well for me..

Tintin, lol, think about it na.. but wait, finish schooling first ;)

Feng, whoa, Kyla slept 6 hrs straight last night! Who could beat that?

Julie, oh, the baby breath.. love it. getting addicted to it now.

Lucille, you're next. goodluck.

Christianne, yeah, they're used to it, right.. but there were external people who saw me too.. like the one who took blood samples from me.. as in nanginginig sya since it was her first time daw to take blood sample sa maternity clinic, ngek..

Jelyn, lol, be brave, you can do it! in fact, i didn't know that it was that serious.. the infos they gave us was not really clear.. it was just after the operation that my OB explained to me everything.. kaya pala bini-baby nila ako sa clinic and my OB visited me everyday which was not the case when Louna was born..

Thanks Tita Sha.

Tita Boks, great to see you here again.. ;) I know you're visiting naman, just leaving a trace lalo na pag me special occasion just like this.. kisses to clems.

Sexy Mom, thanks. It's this time also that I feel like hugging my mom and tell her how i love her..

Analyse a dit…

Francesca, lol, tama na ang dalawa!

Geri, oh yeah, if only we could spare them of all the pains and sickness all the time..

Mitch, sundan na din kasi ;)

Haze, time flies.. Kyla's changing.. di na masyadong kamukha ngayon hehe..

Greymom, thanks ;)

Raqgold, I had the same experience for Louna, the pains was more after birth.. i had episiotomy kasi..

Thanks Duke.

Anonyme a dit…

Congratulations!! You and I had the same experience on our 2nd childbirth. My uterus also refused to contract after Adi was born but some medication was all it took for me.

Kyla is so cuuuuttteee!!! Daming buhok ha :D

Analyse a dit…

Cookie, they tried to give me medications first, ayaw talaga.. they observed and observed till they finally concluded na i need to take the operation.. sana nga sa umpisa pa lang, they did it na, i waited too long ha.. i had no energy after the operation, sinubuan na nga lang ako ni frenchguy so i could eat e.. well, anyway, at least, eveything's alright di ba.

JO a dit…

they look so adorable together!

Heart of Rachel a dit…

Congratulations! Kyla is a beautiful bundle of joy.