2nd Week

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lundi, octobre 06, 2008

Kyla turns 2 weeks old today what tha! time flies! but geez, I still look pregnant. I lost 7 kg after giving birth which means I still need to shed off 9 kg. I haven't started any post-partum exercise yet as I'm not yet in my best form. I prefer to wait till I regain all my energy and I'm sure there won't be any complication if I do. Quite traumatized with my recent hospitalization.

Changes are a-bounty when a new baby is added in the family. Louna finally got her new bed and she's really proud of it. She was the one who chose the bed cover design and is happy each night when it's time to hug Winnie the Pooh. She's becoming more jealous tho, asking for more attention from us.

The big sister is taking her new role to heart too. She helped us with the preparation of the baby announcement cards which we sent to family and friends in France (those who reside outside of France and those with email addresses received the e-card below). I'm glad we're done with that task which was quite hard to finalize because of the chaos at home.

The little girl on the other hand starts to have her own rhythm that's why I could update this blog ;). She's being breastfed 100% and her autonomy between 2 breastfeedings becomes longer, from almost every hour to almost 3 hours. It's even longer at night, up to 4 hours which gives me ample time to rest in between 2 feedings. She seems to be calm in the morning and more agitated at night, just before bedtime.

Since we arrived at home, I have been co-sleeping with her which is really beneficial not only to her but to me and L too. She seems to sleep longer when we sleep together. L jokingly says that the umbilical cord wasn't cut yet. Talking about the umbilical cord, it fell down yesterday, barely two weeks after her birth. Bathing is easier now.

Kyla is developing quite a funny habit at home. She prefers to stay on her car seat or on the sofa rather than her baby seat or the platform we specially made for her. Well, okay, we can't oblige her to like everything we offer her, right?

She's full of energy too. She could already move her head left and right and she could even lift it when we hold her against our shoulders. But well, Louna was the same at that age too. No surprises!

So that's it for the 2nd week update. The whole family is glad with this new change and is adjusting at our own rhythm. No rush. Cuddling time is our priority at the moment.

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Anonyme a dit…

Happy for you! :)

CLC Fashion a dit…

analyse, you have a lovely baby...wow daming buhok sayo ba nagmana? pero kamukha sya ng papa nya.
take it easy.

mitch a dit…

2 weeks already wow time really flies fast. I just think that it's good to maximize the time you have with kyla because when you go back to work i am sure you'll miss her

Analyse a dit…

Mitch, ;).

Lucille, shiny black hair yan. Pinay na pinay ;)

Mitch, naku, bilis nga. Even daily routines go fast so I don't have much time to blog either.. you'll be next, excited?

Anonyme a dit…

Kyla is beginning to look like Louna already. Your girls are really so beautiful :)

Analyse a dit…

salamat po tita cookie ;)

kat a dit…

congratulations to you and your family analyse! little kyla seems like the spitting image of louna! i'm glad you are up and about and adjusting well! *hugs*

p.s. scary post-delivery story!! glad you made it through with flying colors!

Princess a dit…

Sorry, Ana, if I've not visited for a while. You have very lovely daughters. What blessings!!!
I know how it is with boys, though.
Take care and congratulations to you and your husband.

Heart of Rachel a dit…

Hi Ana. It's so wonderful to see that your family has grown. Louna must be very happy that she's now a big sister. Kyla is such a lovely child.

lovelyn a dit…

Cuddling is your priority right now, that's so sweet. Enjoy!