Le Tour de France Candidate

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samedi, juillet 05, 2008

She finally understood how it works. She loved it and she's proud of her new skill. She had her first bike long time ago and I think we really bought a big one for her. She loved staying with her bike but she just couldn't play with it. She sometimes ride on it and we stay at the back to push her but that is quite a tiresome activity.

Then we thought of this old bike. This is somewhat a heritage thing in the family. Her cousins rode and learned how to pedal from the same bike. And look at how Louna fares. She's biking like a pro!

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Congratulations Louna :) So many skills developing like biking and swimming, you are growing up quite athletic :)

be a good sister,ok?

haze a dit…

Allez louna ! BRAVO :D !

Anonyme a dit…

Ang lakas talaga ng loob ng batang yan (mana yata sa mama). Lalo na dun sa swimming pool, walang kaba.

Anonyme a dit…

wow, congrats to louna! she's growing really fast analyse! :)

raqgold a dit…

galing! MC is now learning biking without using her hands, sabi ko kapag nahulog sya basta walang lang sya iiyak :D