Tu n'as que des Bonbons dans ta Tête

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vendredi, juillet 25, 2008

Translation: You always think about sweets/candies.
Word-by-word translation: You only have but sweets/candies in your head.


We were having breakfast and Louna only had her fruit juice and wouldn't want to finish her milk nor her bread so I asked her what she wanted. To which she answered: Bonbons (Candies). So I told her Tu n'as que des bonbons dans ta tête.

She immediately touched her head and looked at me with an inquisitive regard and said: Il n'y a rien. (There's nothing.)

Ngek. Oo nga naman.

2 commentaires:

Soy a dit…

Funny when kids are so literal. When I said to my husband that the bag I saw was really 'to die for', my 5-year-old who overheard said, 'why do u have to die if you just want a bag?' :)

haze a dit…

HAHAHAHA ikaw nga naman wala naman baka nasa bulsa nya :D !