The Little Mermaid

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dimanche, juin 29, 2008

I have been boasting about our little girl's love for water - how she jumps without fear. She's been learning more and more tricks each passing week - without us teaching her. Here's a new one..

and another one..

A real copycat, right? Oh my, she's too proud of her new tricks!

The Gymnast

She's been attending baby gym classes with her nanny and here's another trick..

That's when we were waiting for her Papa to finish his 10-km Run for a Cause. Notice those people wearing pink shirts? All of them supporting the fight against Breast Cancer. I had the same shirt too! Louna had a Mickey Mouse stuff toy and she's happy for it.

This afternoon, we visited an Agricultural Fare not far from Dijon. Louna, the animal lover had a grand time caressing the rabbits. She had the luck to ride a tractor too!

5 commentaires:

Soy a dit…

I envy Louna. She floats like a pro whereas I sink like a rock!

gracita a dit…

wow, ang galing ni louna! i've been bugging harvs to buy me the same floater (the ones that you put on the arms) since i don't know how to swim and float. sabi niya, ano ka ba, pang bata yun! based from louna's videos and photos, oo nga, pang bata nga yun! kakahiya, hehe!

is that you with the 2-pc? parang hindi buntis ha! :)

mitch a dit…

buti pa si louna marunong lumangoy ako hndi hahaha

Analyse a dit…

Soy, lol.

Gracita, haha, medyo tama nga si harvs.

yep, that's me. looks closer, the bump is just there hehe..

Mitch, and she loves it!

haze a dit…

Wow floating like a big girl. Louna's thinking "I can do that too and better" LOL !