6th Month Visit

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mardi, juin 24, 2008

I have this impression that this pregnancy goes faster than my first pregnancy. Or am I just a little too inattentive? My gynecologist asked us to get an appointment with the anaesthetist at the maternity clinic. Then with a midwife for my childbirth preparation courses. My reaction was - Déjà? That sounds too soon.
Well, I'm not really preparing myself on giving birth yet. I'm still focused on something else. It might sound unfair to my second daughter but it's true that I talk a lot less about this pregnancy than what I did with Louna. Not that I ignore it but first pregnancy is a whole new experience so I had a lot of new stuffs to share. Whereas the second pregnancy is a sort of déjà vu. Well, sort of. I nonetheless savour every minute of this pregnancy, though it always ends up comparing it with the previous one.

So for a quick update, the little girl is moving a lot more than Louna at this stage of pregnancy. Louna was a sleeper and the hiccup girl. This little girl is a kick-boxer. She's pretty active and basing on the echography results, she's a bit bigger. Sleeping has been an ordeal these past two weeks. The baby bump is becoming heavier each day so I wake up each time I change sides and she's also able to wake me up in the middle of the night because of her kicks. So imagine when she's out.

She's weighing 1.10 kg now and the bulging Maman gained 9 kg since the start of pregnancy. So far, I'm practically following exactly the same weight gain curve as that of my first pregnancy so this doesn't really worry me a lot.
I feel more tired though. Probably because I have a toddler to tend to and life has to move on as usual. I could hardly stand staying infront of the computer so excuse me for not bloghopping. Yesterday, I had my first incident of hypoglycemia at work. I was on training and it was probably over an hour that I was standing up while listening to instructions (infront of a machine so it was quite hard to take a seat). Then suddenly, I thought they stopped the airconditionning. I felt hot, started to transpire, wanted to vomit and go poop, had difficulty to focus on what was being said, my vision got blurred, and then... total blackout. Within that few seconds of malaise, I had the reflex to slowly glide on the wall so I could sit.. on the floor - in the presence of the supplier training us and few colleagues. I didn't care anymore about what they would say. I was pregnant anyway. I had the excuse. If I didn't do that, I probably fell directly on the floor.

With that incident, my gynecologist required me to eat salty breakfast instead of my regular café au lait and toasted bread topped with Nutella. So okay, I think I'll shift to Filipino breakfast starting tomorrow morning.

Aside from that one minute discomfort, everything else goes impeccably good - a little backache, a bit of fatigue, a moment of hormonal imbalance here and there.. life is good.

This update wouldn't be complete without a word about Louna, right? Oh, this talkative little girl could handle a conversation now. Errr, I mean, she could go monologue. Listen attentively and you'll know all about her.

Last weekend, we were again at the pool because Louna starts to claim for it. She loves being in the water. And more precisely, jumping from the edge of the pool. She also mastered turning around and swim from one end to the other (~10 meters) with the bicycle movement (she saw me doing aquagym).

At one moment, she tried to catch the attention of a lady with her sweet smiles. Once the lady looked at her, she said Louna, deux ans et démi (Louna, two and a half year old) with her hands raised showing her two fingers. Then she started to move out of the pool, looked at the lady and said Régarde (Look.). She quickly jumped onto the water, less than a meter away from the lady. After jumping, she immediately looked at the lady to make sure she was being watched and said Plouf dans l'eau (jumped onto the water). She continued by pointing at me and said C'est Maman, ça. Bébé, pétite soeur. (That's my Mom. She's got a baby, my little sister). And so on and so forth. In less than 5 minutes, there were already 4 adults around her listening to her stories and watching her jump.

It was the same scenario when I brought her with me in a bar (bars in France are now entirely no-smoking areas). She started to present herself and talk about what happened during the day.

Well, I try to explain to her that she sometimes need to wait till other people ask her. But that sounds too complicated to comprehend to a talkative toddler.

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chung a dit…

wow analyse, no stretch marks! :) and only your tummy is big, you're still very slim :)

time flies so fast. 6th month ka na?!

louna is such a doll! :)

Soy a dit…

That photo should be on vogue cover! :)

gail a dit…

sexy preggy lady!

linnormarikit a dit…

looking good! :)

louna is amusing. does she also understand a word of tagalog?

Rhada a dit…

beautiful pictures!!! very blooming ang jontis ;-). Louna looks really tan, and pretty as always.

Analyse a dit…

Chung, nakatago lang, meron yan, I'm not spared :(.

Soy, naks, flattered naman si ako ;)

Gail, lol, daring lang.

Linnor, two words to be exact, s*so and kilikili, lol.

Rhada, yan ang resulta ng araw araw nakabilad sa pool sa bahay ng yaya nya.. mas morena na nga kesa sa kin e, .. ayaw namang tantanan ang pool, hayyy..

geri a dit…

6 months already? You may have gained 9kgs pero lahat nasa tiyan. I enjoyed watching Louna's pool jump below akala ko sinong maingay haha. Fearless Louna :)

ann a dit…

Slim ka pa rin kahit buntis. Ang laki na nga agad ng tummy mo.

Analyse a dit…

Geri, haha, she's too noisy nga, grabe. Just cant stop her.

yep, the 9kg is concentrated on my tummy, just like the first pregnancy.

Ann, mas obvious kasi tyan ko lang ang lumaki, sa office nga, tyan ko na lang laging nakikita nila, lol.

lovelyn a dit…

Ciao Analyse!

Hot Momma should be very extra careful and does the job at work a little less than the usual. Buti na lang nothing serious with your hypoglycemia attack.

Hehehe, Louna the star! Reminded me on my littke son's growth update, must do it soon before I can't remember some.

Analyse a dit…

Lovelyn, nope, nothing serious, but that worried me too, first time experience ko kasi..now i need to be careful.

yeah, that's why I update this blog at least twice a month, the more you wait, the more you forget..

JO a dit…

that's one thing that i forgot to do, to take a naked picture of my tummy.

Louna is growing everyday... and she's beautiful.

raqgold a dit…

love the photos!

laugusti83 a dit…

i am doing fine now although medyo lumalaki na rin ang tiyan ko i am still waiting to confirm results for "rubeole infection" i do believe that i dont have it pero wala kasi akong carnet de santé. also la rin akong vaccine against toxo so super careful ako sa lahat ng kinakain ko other than that im fine naaman i am in my 4th month now i just hope to know the gender soon :D
for my weight i can't really track it because my weight is not the same in the weighing scale at home and in the doctor's office pero i know na i didn't gain a lot yet 4kg in 4 months :D

mitch a dit…

oops sorry i didn't notice it was my husband's identity laugusti83 =D

caryn a dit…

that's a lovely picture of you and your girl! hope you have a safe delivery!

Analyse a dit…

Jo, i didn't do it with Louna either, and i regret it quite a bit.. sayang, i could have compared it with the 2nd pregnancy.

Raqgold, thanks.

Mitch, i'm not immunized against toxo too, hassle no? well, i take my weight at the gyneco's balance as my reference.. i think i gained almost the same weight on my first tri, ok lang yan..

Caryn, thanks ;)

Dhanggit a dit…

i love the first photo..super cute :-)