Tu n'as que des Bonbons dans ta Tête

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vendredi, juillet 25, 2008

Translation: You always think about sweets/candies.
Word-by-word translation: You only have but sweets/candies in your head.


We were having breakfast and Louna only had her fruit juice and wouldn't want to finish her milk nor her bread so I asked her what she wanted. To which she answered: Bonbons (Candies). So I told her Tu n'as que des bonbons dans ta tête.

She immediately touched her head and looked at me with an inquisitive regard and said: Il n'y a rien. (There's nothing.)

Ngek. Oo nga naman.

Innocently Sweet

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mercredi, juillet 16, 2008

I have been wanting to chronicle those sweet and innocent phrases our little girl is saying lately but the burden of pregnancy started to hit me. Backache, fatigue, shortness of breath, laziness.. name it. Add to the fact that I need to translate each of them without losing their essence - because yes, she's expressing herself 100% French. So there, I finally found a little courage this evening. Read and laugh with me.

Scenario 1: Louna wanting to ride the lift. Papa asked her to call the elevator (that's the word by word translation of manually pressing the lift button). Louna then shouted, calling: Ascenseur!

Scenario 2: Papa exclaming aïe (ouch!) after seeing the euro-dollar rate on the evening news. Louna's reaction: Ca fait mal? (Does it hurt?)

Scenario 3: We were at the pool when suddenly, Louna asked me to accompany her to the toilet. Once there, she didn't even pee a single drop. So I asked her where her pipi was? To which she answered: Je ne sais pas où il est. (I don't know where it is.)

Scenario 4: She inverses the names of objects/people on purpose. Like she would say I'm her Papa, and her Papa, her Maman. Or fork instead of spoon, and vice versa.

Scenario 5: She just can't control when she farts. And she finds that amusing. And worst is that, she would broadcast that she just did it to everybody! She would say: J'ai pété (I farted) followed by a contagious laugh.

Scenario 6: Whenever somebody farts, belches or coughes near her, that person would surely have his life's lesson from a 2-year old. Louna's reaction: Pardon, on dit. (Sorry, we say.)

Scenario 7: Once on the table, I asked her if she already washed her hands. She answered: Louna, elle fait la douche. Main propre. (Louna, she takes a bath. Hands clean). Evidently, she's got no notion of past tense yet. But that's not the main problem. That night, she didn't take a bath so her hands were of course, dirty. Laziness striked her.

Scenario 8: I was showing my bulging tummy to her and asked her to talk to her baby sister. She then started talking while caressing the bump. After a while, she looked at me with a tinge of sadness and said: Elle ne parle pas. (She's not talking.) A bit disappointed.

Scenario 9: Papa preparing breakfast. He accidentally spilled milk on the table and forgot to close the cabinet. Louna, playing the tidy little girl said: Papa, partout partout. Pas fermer la porte. (Papa, everywhere everywhere. Didn't close the door.) while pointing on the table and the cabinet door. Look who's talking. She's not arranging her toys either.

Scenario 10: She wants to do everything on her own. And if you're in a hurry, better not help her. Otherwise, the task would be doubly long. Because she would surely redo it. Or else, she would sulk and wouldn't move. Like, if you already put on her pajama and she decided Je vais le faire (I will do it), she would then remove and wear it all over again. Did you know that patience is a virtue? Especially with a toddler?

So that's it folks. More of Louna next time. ;)

Le Tour de France Candidate

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samedi, juillet 05, 2008

She finally understood how it works. She loved it and she's proud of her new skill. She had her first bike long time ago and I think we really bought a big one for her. She loved staying with her bike but she just couldn't play with it. She sometimes ride on it and we stay at the back to push her but that is quite a tiresome activity.

Then we thought of this old bike. This is somewhat a heritage thing in the family. Her cousins rode and learned how to pedal from the same bike. And look at how Louna fares. She's biking like a pro!