26th Month Update

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dimanche, janvier 20, 2008

Changes had been a-bounty. It's quite impossible to update this blog for each change, unless I work on it fulltime and blog everyday. First off, she finally had her ears pierced for her 2nd birthday, had her real earrings for Christmas and lost them last week - barely a month after she had them. Life is great. If losing her earrings will continue at this pace, we will surely need to invest on a gold mine!

Singing still remains her passion I think. Hear her sing at 1 year old, and now at 2 years old.

Louna singing Frere Jacques while arranging the computer table.

Playing has taken a different dimension too. In this picture, she's playing with the Dora house which her Nanny offered to her last Christmas. She's in fact playing her own scenario - Dora doing dodo (sleeping) while Swiper is looking by the window. It's also funny to note that Dora and Boots could sleep together on Dora's bed while Swiper sleeps exclusively on the sofa.

She's playing with shape-picture matching too. Watch the video.

This video is a good example not only of Louna's ability to match shapes but also of how she masters potty time (when she started to stand up and said caca, caca). In fact, when I wrote about her daytime potty habits two months ago, that suddenly changed when we went home to her grandparent's place for a weekend - change of location, change of people - and everything was forgotten when we went back to Dijon.

But now, at 26 months old (it even started earlier), she could go do her potty alone without us asking her all the time. She could remove and pull back her panties alone so all we have to do now is to flush her business in the toilet. In case of poopy business, she of course ask us to wipe her butty but that's all.

She's been catching and repeating a lot of words lately. I've just noticed in fact that she understands everything but would choose the easier word to pronounce. Like she would say shoes instead of chaussures or truck instead of camion. Do I have to say that my daughter is smart or should I accept that she's quite lazy? Lol.

Here's a video of Louna saying tête (head) and suso. Innocently sweet.

Eating habit remains the same, she's still a voracious eater to the point that she starts to worry us. Like she would stay with the adults during apéro (Frenchies drink alcohol and eat chips, sausages and what-have-yous before the meal) while the other kids play. She would eat fast that after her meal, she would start taking from my plate. But she found a trick which I start to appreciate. She wants to eat with her own cutleries (thanks Tita Chona) - look at how she neatly arranged them on the table. Even if I give her real spoon and fork, she would insist on using her own stuffs. Ok, alright (hands up). Now, we practically eat at the same speed. Great!

On to the bad habits now. Yes, kids develop bad habits too. It's balance. It's yin and yang.

Louna has this manner of shrieking out loud when she doesn't agree with us. I mean shrieking to the top of her lungs that it breaks our ear drums! And she would continue till she gets what she wants, or if it's not possible, till she gets to the time-out corner.

Another way of manifesting her anger is to lie down on the floor, or to hit her toys or even us. And now, she starts to bang her head against the wall too.

Poor parents.

Careful With What You're Saying

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mercredi, janvier 09, 2008

The little girl starts to mumble words. And guard yourself, they start to be comprehensible. She could say aider (to help) or la lune (the moon) with the right French accent. She could even form simple sentences like C'est chaud Maman (It's hot Maman) or Il n'y a plus (Nothing anymore). Most of the time, she would talk too fast that newcomers might think she's not at all advanced for her age. But in fact, if you listen carefully, you could actually catch what she's saying.

She's at an expert level with her major body parts too - in English and in French. Too expert that she finds it boring to show her eyes or her head, nor ses yeux ou sa tête. She starts to be a bit curious with the other parts tho...

One day, during one of her baths, she started to look at her nipples and asked C'est quoi? (what's this?). Without really thinking, I said suso (Tagalog translation of nipples). To which she repeated chuchu. Then she raised her arms and pointed to her armpit asking C'est quoi ça?. Kilikili. She pronounced it in a very cute accent - kéké.

When her father arrived, she was proud to repeat her new-found words and repeated and pointed at them correctly.

Up to that, there's no big deal.

Yesterday, at her Nanny's place, she started to point at the breast of the Nanny's visiting friend and said with big smiles - chuchu. Oppps.

I tried to contain my laughter but it was just so cute and so innocent. The Nanny started to ask what that word meant but how could I explain that my 2-year-old's first Tagalog word is, well - suso. So I just told them that it's a Tagalog word without really saying what it meant.

Still last night, upon arriving at home, she saw this wall decoration and with eyes wide open, she called at me, pointed on it and said Maman, chuchu! - probably wondering how she didn't notice it before.

I just have this impression that since she learned that word, she could see but that - chuchu!

So, if you have any tips on how I could erase that word from my child's memory chip, please let me know. Promise, next time, I'd rather teach her Salamat po (Thank you) and other polite words.

My Christmas Update

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samedi, janvier 05, 2008

Hello there! Miss me? Maman and Papa had been too busy lately, they had no time to update this blog. I patiently waited (I know you did too) .. but it seems that they already forgot this blog's existence. So now, I'm taking the initiative.. Brace yourself to a long update from me!

Where do I begin? Okay. I stayed at my grandparent's place for 2 weeks while Maman was in Bangkok and Papa was in Boston. Poor me. But wait, don't get me wrong. I love being at my Mamie's place because I eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits from Papi's garden. Mamie is a really excellent cook and you know, food is still my greatest weakness..

For Christmas, we had big lobsters from Boston and exotic fruits from Bangkok. Add some fois gras and imagine how we feasted with these mouth watering delicacies.

Everybody was delighted to have lobsters on their plate for this special occasion. Look at them. They seem to be in a real American restaurant with their plastic apron. While me, hmm, I struggled to finish my lychee. Can I have a mango instead?
After that long Christmas meal, a bottle of beer is surely a wonderful treat. What do you think?
Well, okay, I thought I was in a good mood to tell you stories of how grown up I am. Everybody says I pronounce a lot of new words and I think I should believe them. Why? Because I get what I want faster than I was used to.

Oh, I really wanted to tell you more stories about me, but I think it's snack time.. see you next time!