Careful With What You're Saying

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mercredi, janvier 09, 2008

The little girl starts to mumble words. And guard yourself, they start to be comprehensible. She could say aider (to help) or la lune (the moon) with the right French accent. She could even form simple sentences like C'est chaud Maman (It's hot Maman) or Il n'y a plus (Nothing anymore). Most of the time, she would talk too fast that newcomers might think she's not at all advanced for her age. But in fact, if you listen carefully, you could actually catch what she's saying.

She's at an expert level with her major body parts too - in English and in French. Too expert that she finds it boring to show her eyes or her head, nor ses yeux ou sa tête. She starts to be a bit curious with the other parts tho...

One day, during one of her baths, she started to look at her nipples and asked C'est quoi? (what's this?). Without really thinking, I said suso (Tagalog translation of nipples). To which she repeated chuchu. Then she raised her arms and pointed to her armpit asking C'est quoi ça?. Kilikili. She pronounced it in a very cute accent - kéké.

When her father arrived, she was proud to repeat her new-found words and repeated and pointed at them correctly.

Up to that, there's no big deal.

Yesterday, at her Nanny's place, she started to point at the breast of the Nanny's visiting friend and said with big smiles - chuchu. Oppps.

I tried to contain my laughter but it was just so cute and so innocent. The Nanny started to ask what that word meant but how could I explain that my 2-year-old's first Tagalog word is, well - suso. So I just told them that it's a Tagalog word without really saying what it meant.

Still last night, upon arriving at home, she saw this wall decoration and with eyes wide open, she called at me, pointed on it and said Maman, chuchu! - probably wondering how she didn't notice it before.

I just have this impression that since she learned that word, she could see but that - chuchu!

So, if you have any tips on how I could erase that word from my child's memory chip, please let me know. Promise, next time, I'd rather teach her Salamat po (Thank you) and other polite words.

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les crapouilles a dit…

This is just HILARIOUS Tati Ana ! HAHAHAHA ! Hey the tagalog of nipple is utong di ba ! For Mimi it's dede hahaha and she always tells Mom that she also have a gros dede daw comme elle, tama ba yon! Anyway, ok lang yan Ana, there's nothing bad or malicious about saying our body parts in tagalog... it's funny and cute anyway !

ScroochChronicles a dit…

Hehehe....and everything sounds a bit more astig when it's said in Tagalog. Ayos yan. Don't worry, as soon as she learns more words she will replace "chuchu" with something else :)

kat a dit…

happy new year analyse, louna, and L! what a cute little story! don't worry, as she learns more words, she'll replace old ones with new ones. there's really no harm in what she's saying. but you're right, kids says the darndest things! jakey is now throwing out "no like it!" if he doesn't like something and i didn't teach him that. he's also said "beetch!" and i dunno where he got that! thankfully, he no longer says it!

tintin a dit…

Hey videotape her saying it. I would love to hear her say suso with her french accent. Hahha.

Happy New Year!

Analyse a dit…

Tati Haze, i don't like utong, so i chose the lesser evil, lol. and most of the frenchies around me who've been in the phils knows the suso word.. but not because of me, it's because of some colleagues who taught them 'essential' words, lol.

Cookie, lol, the next word makes me afraid na haha..

Kat, the good thing with the suso word is that, nobody understand it except me and frenchguy.. hmmm, that 'beetch!' word, good thing he forgot about it now hehe..

Tintin, I really love to take a video of that, but I think she's overexposed to the camera because of maman, and now, she hates it. she stops and hides each time she sees me pointing the cam on her!

Julie a dit…

Ang cute naman! At least she knows how to name these correctly, me comprehension siya, no need to worry about language problems :)

Eto ngang anak ko, katabi ko, 6yo, he is asking me ano daw ang kamiseta? Ang basa sa populasyon, population. Hehehe.

No, don't know Zambal, pero I can understand a bit. Para kasing hodge-podge na ang Iba, maraming ng hindi tagadun. If it were up to me, I would prefer the old ways. The progress does not look progressive to me, wala na ang smalltown charm.

gracita a dit…

hahaha, this is so funny analyse! it's like a private joke between you and louna, only she doesn't know how funny it is. ang cute! :)

raqgold a dit…

hehe, my girls and your girl would understand each other :D

Rhada a dit…

hahahaha kakatuwa! Naku, ganyan din ang naituro ko sa mga anak ko eh. lol

MegaMom a dit…

Hehehe... that is cute! There is nothing wrong with that word, and I think it is only but correct to encourage young children to say body parts without malice. :)

Analyse a dit…

Julie, lol, we're so used to call kamesita t-shirt kasi di ba..

Gracita, by the time she knows kung ano ano ang tinuturo ko sa kanya, lagot ako haha..

Raqgold, probably lol.

Rhada, naku nahahalata tuloy ang common denominator nating dalawa hahaha..

Megamom, korek. And I said that word innocently din naman di ba ;)