My Christmas Update

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samedi, janvier 05, 2008

Hello there! Miss me? Maman and Papa had been too busy lately, they had no time to update this blog. I patiently waited (I know you did too) .. but it seems that they already forgot this blog's existence. So now, I'm taking the initiative.. Brace yourself to a long update from me!

Where do I begin? Okay. I stayed at my grandparent's place for 2 weeks while Maman was in Bangkok and Papa was in Boston. Poor me. But wait, don't get me wrong. I love being at my Mamie's place because I eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits from Papi's garden. Mamie is a really excellent cook and you know, food is still my greatest weakness..

For Christmas, we had big lobsters from Boston and exotic fruits from Bangkok. Add some fois gras and imagine how we feasted with these mouth watering delicacies.

Everybody was delighted to have lobsters on their plate for this special occasion. Look at them. They seem to be in a real American restaurant with their plastic apron. While me, hmm, I struggled to finish my lychee. Can I have a mango instead?
After that long Christmas meal, a bottle of beer is surely a wonderful treat. What do you think?
Well, okay, I thought I was in a good mood to tell you stories of how grown up I am. Everybody says I pronounce a lot of new words and I think I should believe them. Why? Because I get what I want faster than I was used to.

Oh, I really wanted to tell you more stories about me, but I think it's snack time.. see you next time!

6 commentaires:

MegaMom a dit…

Welcome back, Louna! Looks like you had a great Noel. I hope your Maman is fully recovered from the festivities. :)

raqgold a dit…

wow, i love those lobsters. i told my hubby i want lobsters next christmas; yum! errm, lapit na rin kami mag bangkok. am gonna buy me and binge on those fruits too! happy 2008!

haze a dit…

Those are big lobster Louna ! Do you still have at home, share ka naman dyan ! And hey don't be sad Papa & Maman are working hard for your future! And when they aren't working you spend quality time with them !! All the best to your family !

Anonyme a dit…

Welcome back, bebe Louna.

Lovely photos in your blog,so full of happy memories.

Anonyme a dit…

Welcome back Louna! Great to hear of your wonderful and lobsterful vacation with your grandparents. Happy New year to the rest of your family :) !

Analyse a dit…

Thank you Tita Mommies!