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Publié par Analyse à 1/27/2007 02:38:00 PM

samedi, janvier 27, 2007

my first spoon of rice

yummy yoghurt

and baguette for dessert!

and finally, my pictures with Noah playing with the sleigh...

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2 commentaires:

haze a dit…

Mayumi and I enjoyed the video! Pati ako napapanganga kay Louna! Mayumi is now asking me ayourt (baligtad sya) instead of yaourt :)! And I said to her it's Louna and she says Nouna, bulol pa rin.

Anonyme a dit…

ohhh, nakakatuwa talaga si louna. ninev and i enjoyed her videos. =) gustong-gusto niya yong rice, panay subo siya sa bigay ni Papa. hehe! and the yoghurt, she was asking for more pa yata. ;) ang galing, hindi siya mahirap pakainin. enjoy rin siya sa baguette (spelling???), she's so fun to look at talaga. ang sarap papakin ng halik! (gigil!)

just viewed her video walking on your prvious post. congratulations louna! tuwang-tuwa ako, naalala ko kasi si ninev when she's on that stage. she walked at 12 months old din.

take care you two! lots of love and kisses to louna! mwaah!